May 5, 2010

Poll: Who are the 50 “Mindful” Heroes that Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis should video?

elephant is heading for a cliff, a cliff called June 17.

The support from our columnists, readers and some businesses has been slow and steady, touching and heartening—but it’s not enough. At this point, it looks like our new Grassroots Network is going to total approximately $3,000/month (we’re at $1,500 now). If we can’t get close to $10,000/month, then for all our growth in readership, our awards, our success on twitter and Facebook…well this seven and a half year adventure will come to an end in the no man’s land desert known as new media (ads haven’t yet transitioned fully, readers don’t yet pay to read). At that point we won’t charge anyone who’s agreed to “Become an Elephant” after July 1st.

So, I’m trying to think ahead. We have six weeks left to pull this one out—we’re in the seventh inning stretch you could say, and things look tough.

Last night I was at a fancy-schmancy-hoity-toity party of movers and shakers in the spiritual/philosophical realm, and I got to talking with an amazing woman there about elephant’s mistakes (because we have next to no staff, we miss opportunities) and potential (she was interested in seeing if a project she was working for might sponsor our Walk the Talk Show series).

So here’s an idea:

1. want to see elephant continue? Become an elephant.

2. For my part, I’m selling ads, but they garner so little…and I’m trying to make our Become an elephant program as easy and worthwhile as possible, and to get elephant’s many friends and colleagues to consider joining.

3. And…I’m thinking of putting together a sponsorship proposal. My proposal: our Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis crisscrosses the country, going from college campus to yoga studio to theater, interviewing 50 Mindful Heroes. We’ve already interviewed many of the below, and many others, over the last three years. Here’s some suggestions, off the top of my head. But I’ll forget some great ones, so please leave your suggestions in comments below (comments on Facebook can’t easily be kept track of), and we’ll add ’em in to the poll if they get a few supporting comments.

You can vote for up to 50 of the below, and suggest your own in comments at bottom:

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Read 27 comments and reply

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