June 14, 2010

Can the USA really Win the World Cup?

I’m Glad You Asked: No.

It’s a very good question after their first game against England!

Here’s the facts…

  1. England actually won the World Cup in 1966, a fact which no self respecting Englishman will ever let anyone forget!
  2. England used to own America…and Canada. England has been around a lot longer than the USA.
  3. Hamburgers weren’t invented in England, that was Germany, but then Germany used to own England…enough said…
  4. England’s greatest ever politician (Winston Churchill) was half American, but then England used to own America, so it’s fair dues there…
  5. England won the World Cup in 1966 (did I mention that already?).

Anyhoo, I’ll get to the point.

I’m English. And if our media is anything to go by, then England is going to win the World Cup this year. But after their first game…a one all draw against USA, I’m not too sure.

Okay, England was all over the US in the second half of the match and England actually drew their first game in 1966 (did I mention that England won the world cup in 1966?). But still and all, the US played a great game of football (yes I know you all call it soccer, but England invented the game, and we call it football!)

Now I’m not a betting man, but you have to speculate to accumulate…So I’m going to put a tenner (that’s about $15 in funny money) on the USA getting into the quarter finals of the World Cup. If they get that far, I might even put a monkey on it (or is that a pony?).

So come on USA, do me proud (if I win money, I’ll send it over to elephant)!

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