June 15, 2010

Contest: Who’s the most social media savvy Congressman of them all?

Vote Jared Polis!

One of Mr. Polis’ staffer just asked me to help my favorite Congressman bring home the social media prize, whatever that is, to my district. I thought about whether I had the time or interest to help for precisely .028 of a second, and cried “Hell yes!” ‘Cause Congressman Polis is that rarest and most wonderful of creatures: young, energetic, business-savvy and environmentally- and socially-progressive. My kinda gent.

So, how do you vote?

“Follow him on twitter, Facebook, and youtube.

Jared’s competing in a contest to see which House member can get the most new facebook, twitter, youtube friends by Monday, June 21st.

1. Follow Jared Polis on Twitter- twitter.com/jaredpolis
2. Like Jared Polis on facebook- www.facebook.com/jaredpolis
3. Subscribe on YouTube- www.youtube.com/JaredPolis31275

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