Jared Polis Overshares on Twitter

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on Jun 22, 2010
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Originally posted on NewEraNews.org

Apparently taking note of the importance of the Twilight voting bloc during the MTV Movie Awards, Jared Polis posted a picture on Twitter that is more likely to appeal to a vampire than to the average viewer.

“Got a bloody nose today, but u should have seen the other guy!” Polis tweeted on Saturday, along with the slightly manic looking photographic evidence at left.

Are things getting a little bit tense in Congress? Or did Polis get into a scuffle at Denver Pridefest yesterday?

Not to fear–Polis was quick to reassure his Twitter following, stating “First bloody nose in like 5 years, oh well. It stopped after like ten mins” in reply to a concerned reader.

Gawker had some harsh words for our esteemed Congressman, calling Polis a “violent madman” and questioning “Why is this demented photo of him smiling in the car with a bloody face on his Twitter?”

Perhaps Gawker is just jealous that their Congressman isn’t as tech-savvy as ours. So go ahead and ‘like‘ him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter so that you can be the first to know when he decides to share his next slightly unsettling photo.


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