Robert Redford on BP Disaster: The spill should ‘wake us up’ (VIDEO)

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jun 24, 2010
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“We’re the ones who are paying for it. Not them.”

When I hear some of the energy companies advertising themselves as conservationists… “I want to throw up.” …It’s time for the American People to say, ‘Let’s stop this.’

If there’s a lesson in all this, we have to get off our dependence on foreign oil.

Take action. Add your name to the list of people urging President Obama to lead the way to a clean energy future at National Resources Defense Council.


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2 Responses to “Robert Redford on BP Disaster: The spill should ‘wake us up’ (VIDEO)”

  1. Jenn Downey says:

    I am a little bit disturbed by the misquote in the text printed under the video. Robert Redford does not say "…we have to get off our dependence on foreign oil." He says, "…we have to get off our dependence on OIL." Big difference.

  2. […] cold turkey. But we won’t make any progress if we just go about our lives as usual. Take it from Robert Redford–the BP oil ’spill’ should be a wake up […]