What’s the Story?

Via Tobye Hillier
on Jun 1, 2010
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You see, life is just one long story made up of lots of little stories

The use of the English language by Irish people is an amazing thing! It took me a long time to work out the meanings of some of the phrases and sayings when I first came here in 1994.

In the early days, people would greet me by asking “what’s the craic (crack)?” and I would respond by looking at them as if they had two heads. I then wanted to know exactly what this “craic” was, so I asked “what’s the craic?” and people would reply “Jaysus, the craic’s ninety!”

But in Dublin, it’s a little different. I had to learn a whole new phrase when I moved from the west…. “What’s the story?” it just means “how’s things?” but from a yogic angle, it means so much more.

You see, life is just one long story made up of lots of little stories. And everyday we all have our own little stories going on. It’s all “head stuff”. We constantly get caught up in tangled webs of different fables and tales.

The search for enlightenment is actually the desire to learn how to put the big book down for a while, to get to the end of the chapter and take a breather. And once we realize life is one big novel that we can put down at the end of each chapter, it becomes a lot easier to read!

That’s what yoga is to me: my own personal bookmark!

So tell me, people, what’s the story?


About Tobye Hillier

Originally from England, Tobye Hillier has lived in Ireland for over 17 years, living in a small seaside town called Greystones 20 miles south of Dublin. A qualified Karuna yoga teacher (RYT 500), Tobye also plays a pretty darn funky 5-string bass guitar and likes to sing in other peoples' showers. Empathic and intuitive, He likes to bend Yoga to suit people and not the other way around.


9 Responses to “What’s the Story?”

  1. Tobye,
    Yup! I tell stories all the time and now when I catch myself, I chuckle and say – that is a good story!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tobye says:

    Thanks Maureen!

  3. Good analogy for Yogic detachment, Tobye. I like it.

    But I still don't get what a "craic" is.

    Bob Weisenberg

  4. Kathleen says:

    I don't know what it is either Bob….but I do know to respond…."It's 90!" 🙂

  5. You mean, it's 90 degrees outside? Is that what it means? Help us out here, Tobye. My wife and I traveled in Ireland and will be going back. I need to be prepared.

    Bob Weisenberg

  6. Jane says:

    Thanks Tobye, timed very well, I have my head stuck in a book at the moment, and it must be good as I can't seem to put it down yet…

  7. Tobye says:

    ok peeps, ya wanna know what da craic is? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craic but yes Kathleen the craic certainly is 90. But not 90 degrees Bob, sure it's Ireland we're glad to get 70!

  8. Tobye says:

    Be sure to call by, we'll have great craic!

    Definition of "craic" below…

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