Whole Foods pulls *all* Kombucha from shelves.

Via elephant journal
on Jun 22, 2010
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Goodbye, overpriced ailment-curing drink beloved by hippie yuppies everywhere.

Why? It’s a teensy bit more alcoholic than it was supposed to be. Who gives a shiite.

I’ll tell you who gives a shiite: the poor green-minded entrepreneurs who, suddenly, find themselves losing their shirts while their stock rots in a Whole Foods back room.

Sources say the various kombucha companies ain’t even getting their product or money back, which would drive me to drink.

Want to know more? Me neither, not really. But if you did, click the image below, Gawker has a surprisingly in-depth, high-lariously accurate report on all things kombucha/Whole Foods/overpriced hippie bullshiite.


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15 Responses to “Whole Foods pulls *all* Kombucha from shelves.”

  1. OH NO! I love that stuff…. maybe that's why.

  2. ColoMama says:

    could this be why Lohan's alcohol anklet went off? is she the reason it's off the shelves? it's no wonder she likes it – and now she has the perfect defense.

  3. *K* says:

    I've often wondered about this as I tend to be pretty sensitive to alcohol and have felt odd and had pretty bad "alcohol breath" several times after drinking kombucha…interesting.

  4. Cliff says:

    Crisis brewing! Here's to fermentation!

    I didn't notice kombucha was missing from my WFM shelves until yesterday. I have been enjoying Sambazon and Guayaki a lot more recently…

    Folks may have to go back to making their own and sharing with friends. So much for the "industrial" model…

  5. mmisio says:

    not all that surprising. my sister, who has not had a sip of alcohol in 10 months or so, had GT's kombucha and called me claiming she felt buzzed. i couldn't believe but it does make sense now. still, i don't give a shiite…

  6. heather says:

    why cant we still buy it? seems make people 21 to purchase it? where is freedom? lol

  7. Mike McCausley says:

    it'll just end up on the black market, even more overpriced,…silly hippy bullshiite!

  8. Good thing I already make my own. And don't shop at Whole Foods. You know your neighbors like you when they share their SCOBYs.

  9. drwh0 says:

    I only drink it for the probiotics. 😉

  10. Candice says:

    oh my gawd people, go somewhere else. There is like, LIFE, outside whole foods, whole chains of local health food stores even!

  11. sdaniels_57 says:

    Do not use alcohol and consider it toxic so was quite disappointed and somewhat annoyed at the slight buzz experienced from the one and only trial of this crap.

  12. Randall Smith says:

    Ya know what? Pull it out of the "health food" section and put it in the beer cooler. GT's is good stuff. They should have done the same with kava kava.

  13. Nancy says:

    Really. All it needs is a little marketing make-over and a move to another section in the store. Shop at local groceries and food co-ops. Whole Foods so overpriced.

  14. Ann says:

    Confused- are you trashing kombucha in general, or the overpriced mass marketing of it and the ridiculous reason for pulling it from the shelves?