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Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jul 12, 2010
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The Do Something Awards: Cast your vote today! and VH1 have partnered to present The Do Something Awards–the premiere national award for social action, honoring the nation’s best world-changers, ages 25 and under. Jane Lynch, a.k.a. cheerleading hardball Sue Sylvester from GLEE, will host.

Three U.S. cities have been nominated for their green efforts. Please vote for your favorite:

Since being devastated by a tornado in 2007, Greensburg has become a model of sustainable living and in turn made green living appealing to all the residents.

Portland has become the nation’s leading destination for foodies and chefs. They encourage the production of local, farm fresh foods.

Austin is also leading the nation in car sharing programs and encourages biking as a primary form of transportation.

Additionally, you can vote on celebrity categories, which spotlight areas of and individuals in the entertainment industry that continue to dedicate time and resources to activism and charity projects. The nominees include influential actors, musicians, athletes, inspiring films, television shows, and social media initiatives, and winners will be selected with the help of your votes at

More about One of the largest organizations in the US that helps youth rock causes they care about, is a driving force in creating a culture of volunteerism–on track to get two million young people involved by 2011. By utilizing the web, television, mobile, and pop culture, inspires, empowers and celebrates a generation of doers: young people who recognize the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and take action.  Plug in at


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