July 14, 2010

elephant journal reviews: MyChelle Dermaceuticals.

Like most females, I’m pretty particular about skincare products.

And I hate to switch brands once I’ve found something I like and that works. However, even for someone as selective as I am, there seems to be a barrier between what I want to buy and what I actually buy. This is mostly for reasons relating to money and well…acne.

I’m used to using bottom-level face washes and lotions with a lot more grit (and grime) that boast they prevent breakouts and have ‘scientist-formulated’ oil-controlled acne washes. And I’m somehow convinced they work better. I know they consist of horrible ingredients and chemicals, most of which are banned in Europe, but how do I make the leap from just caring to actually doing? I care about the health of my skin and our planet, but when I switch to a ‘natural’ face wash bought from Whole Foods, I’m just not convinced that there is a reason I’m spending triple (if not more) the price.

MyChelle proves the difference.

Their products, ranging from mineral makeup to masks to toners, have no animal testing, are NOP Certified Organic and ECOCERT approved, use post-consumer paper and all vegetable inks on packaging, and stand by their promise that all “ingredients are pure and effective.” I received a few serums: Vitamin A Plus, Apple Brigtening, Capillary Calming and The Perfect C Serum and a Hydrating Cactus Mask along with the Fabulous Eye Cream. All products left my face incredibly soft, while bursting with freshness and mild (naturally wonderful) aromas. And the serums, though at first hesitant about the sliminess, left my skin feeling healthy. It’s comforting to know that MyChelle is a socially and environmentally responsible company offering the best products free of harsh chemicals. I am definitely into The Perfect C Serum—an active antioxidant treatment with a touch of L-absorbic acid—which is supposed to be great for acne prevention while steering clear of chemicals such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

MyChelle’s Hydrating Cactus Mask is the ultimate refreshing, replenishing face mask and my new favorite at-home-spa go-to product (move over, cucumber). An antioxidant formula with blue agave and cactus flower brings an exhilarating, cooling feel to the face resulting in incredibly smooth, relaxed skin.

But why the small, non-refillable plastic containers? At first I thought I received the trial size, but realized that 1 oz. is indeed that size of most of their serums.  Not only will this run you around $40 for 1 oz., but I’ve gathered from comments that this will need to be replaced monthly. That’s a lot of waste! And money!

Now I can’t say whether or not MyChelle products can ‘fight against breakouts’ or keep a well-balanced, ‘oil-free’ complexion, but I can say that MyChelle products are top notch. The products are refreshing to use, natural scents instead of perfumey fragrances and are non-greasy yet leave my face smooth and fresh. I’d say, if you can afford it, go for it!

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Read 3 comments and reply

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