George Carlin: “Why we need elephant.”

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on Jul 31, 2010
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Just received the below morale boost from an elephant reader, and thought it timely. We just lost one of our last two part-time employees, and are sputtering even as, this week, we racked up our third and fourth biggest readership days in our history, online. We’re at 200,000 unique readers (according to Google Analytics). We’ve topped 20,000 Facebook Fans (Christian Science Monitor, by comparison, has 15,000. Gawker has 9,000. And Facebook matters: it’s now the greatest gateway to news online, bigger by 75% in terms of magnetizing reader community than even Google).

“Let’s keep elephant alive, give it a foundation, it’s down to only one part-time staff person, let’s support the growth and success of grassroots, indie media, just $1/month is difference between thriving elephant and dead elephant.”

From an elephant reader:

You’ve probably seen this, but this is one of the big reasons why we need elephant journal, especially on-line and accessible to the masses. Entertainment media is probably the quickest, most effective avenue the reach the masses and effect change. (It has also been a particular passion of mine since I was 11. I’ve foraged into everything to stand-up comedy to politics, looking for my path to contribute.)

You however have clearly found your path. I would just like to send my support for your work and Elephant. I find sanctuary at Elephant and appreciate the value and well as the variety of content.

Its quite apparent that Elephant’s transition online has been with much struggle and sacrifice on your part. I sincerely hope you continue to find the juice to keep going. I will send some $$ juice your way as soon as my first credit card arrives in the mail. (yay!)

Boulder seems wonderful and the perfect, supportive place to be. I went there once with my mom, her community has sangha [community] there. What a great town!! You are blessed.

Well I hope you can find more juice to keep on keepin’ on in this little video.

Vanessa V


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6 Responses to “George Carlin: “Why we need elephant.””

  1. Shanon says:

    As soon as I can find a job, I will donate to help you. I really like reading your stories. Thank you for all you do. =)

  2. beejgalvan says:

    I'm in! An honor to contribute!

  3. Great video and such a sweet letter. Inspired to go on another save the elephant mission….

  4. jcrows says:

    waking from the Amercian dream_the US Revolution was financed by the East India Company as a Corporate venture.
    Bucky understood this in Critical Path_… (what else is new)
    Leonard Peltier also comments:
    The Hemp Industry in its totality, in everything the plant is capable of, is the industry which will turn the new US Economy around. Unlimited new jobs will be created.

  5. Nathan Smith says:

    Oh, man, George Carlin makes me laugh! Tough stuff.

    Elephant is a little oasis of enlightenment in the vast desert of confusion. Support it, folks.

  6. George Carlin one our greatest intelligent comedians is an Elephant of a Vioce! Suport Elephant moving forward onto an even greater journey.