“Green” shouldn’t be, and isn’t, a “liberal” cause.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 31, 2010
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Why I’m not (just) a Liberal.

I may be Liberal, but as Swami Beyondananda says (just discovered him via Tantrum Yoga) we need everyone on board, by definition, if we’re going to create a more enlightened, happy, safe, healthy society.

Just this morning I was at Farmers’ Market, here in “green,” “liberal” Boulder, and a childhood acquaintance told me how whenever she visited relatives back in the “real world,” they teased her for recycling. “You hippie,” they chide her. It’s exasperating. What’s “hippie” about caring for our home, cleaning our macro room, making our planetary bed? You know Teddy Roosevelt, a star Republican, started the National Parks? Nixon, not exactly poster child of “green,” created the Clean Air Act?

“Green” shouldn’t be, and isn’t, a “liberal” cause. Al Gore doesn’t own the rights to fighting climate change, any more than Rush owns the rights to being a big fat idiot.

Okay, I am a liberal. And I had to get that one last dig in.


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2 Responses to ““Green” shouldn’t be, and isn’t, a “liberal” cause.”

  1. #
    Jessie Fletcher Signs the Clean Air Act one day, opens the door for China to be the world's worst polluter on another. YEA!!!!

    Kimmell Webster we didn't call him Tricky Dick fer nuthin!

    Carolyn Babcock What is so tragic about the Nixon presidency is all of the groundbreaking endeavors of his administration were completely overshadowed by Watergate. Many people don't know that he was the first – and only – President to address a joint session of Congress on the problems of the global burgeoning population. However, it is true, his commission of "high crimes" warranted his resignation. What a shame!

    Travis E. Duke Well you don't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore !!! To bad, he was my favorite soccer ball **

  2. […] generally, modern Republicans (as opposed to, say, the Nixon era that saw the formation of the Clean Air Act and EPA) are anything but […]