Ronnie Moipolai: Utterly Amazing Botswanan Street Guitar Player

Via Jay Winston
on Jul 5, 2010
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Earlier today, I saw a video similar to the one above posted on Facebook of someone quite beautifully playing a very beat up guitar, titled “an amazing woman from Botswana plays a guitar like never seen before.” Looking at comments on youtube,  I saw there was some disagreement about whether the guitar player’s a man or a woman. Digging deeper, I found the name Ronnie Moipolai, and bloggers who appear to agree that he’s, in fact, male. Here’s what a blog called found music tells about him (in quotes, but no source given):

“Ronnie Moipolai from Kopong village in the Kweneng district 50 km west of the capitol Gaborone. He is 29 years old and goes around the shebeens selling and playing his songs for 5Pula each (80dollarcents). He learned guitar from his now late father, has 3 brothers that also play guitar.”

More Ronnie can be found on youtube. If anybody has any more info on him, please feel free to leave it below.


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8 Responses to “Ronnie Moipolai: Utterly Amazing Botswanan Street Guitar Player”

  1. metalbuddha says:

    That's cool, he plays like Jeff Healey (the blind guitar player famous for "Angel Eyes"), but adds that hand rolling motion which is pretty unique, never seen that before. I dig it!

  2. Thanks, Jay. Enjoyed this.

    Bob W.

  3. Totally amazing. Thanks for posting and sharing. I shared to my FB Wall.

  4. azizi says:

    I meant to mention that there are also videos of KB on YouTube.

  5. levi says:

    Please tell me there is a CD of this guy!! I would pay quite a bit for his album.

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  7. Selig says:

    Ronnie played in CT 2013 with David Kramer Karoo Guitaar Blues.
    At that time he used a car clutch cable for his low E string.