July 21, 2010

The Power of Moms: my interview with Robyn O’Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth. ~ Alex Bogusky

Hell hath no fury like a mom who’s learned.

Alex Bogusky is a troublemaker, creative and modern Mad Man of the first order. He’s also been a great elephriend, advising us here and there and recently featuring our editor, Waylon Lewis, on Alex’s Fearless Q&A talk show. We’re psyched to be able to share his writings along with our other Featured Columnists, who you’ll see listed at the bottom of every page of this site. ~ MV.

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As I search for and meet with people who are doing concrete work to make the world a better place, they most often have one thing in common. It’s not a PhD or a pile of PhD’s or even a lifetime of charitable work. The common denominator is simple. They are more often than not moms.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, because we all know that when you threaten their babies, a mom turns into one hell of a defense mechanism. And today, the babies are threatened. Our very own CDC has said our babies won’t enjoy a life as long as the ones we will enjoy. For the first time in American history, our progress in health has been stopped. Just a decade ago, type 2 diabetes was almost unknown in people under 40. Today it is a national epidemic. As the moms of this country learn about the multiple epidemics facing their babies, they don’t want to spend a lot of time debating if we can fix things. Instead they just get down to the business of making it right and, if you learned anything from your history, it is that you don’t want to be on the wrong side of any mom protecting her babies.

Robyn O’Brien, the author of The Unhealthy Truth, is a mom protecting her babies. She has put her skills of research, learned while working on Wall Street, to good use. I was lucky enough to convince her to spend some time talking with me on FearLessQA.

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