Are You Vibrating the Cosmos? Or is the Cosmos Vibrating You?

Via Indra Singh
on Aug 28, 2010
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Step away from the Tingle Tip

Picture the scene:

There I am sitting with my six year old daughter on a rainy English summer day, drinking white monkey green tea in a quaint English café. A wee taste of China in the county of North Yorkshire England. We decided to attempt a word search in one of those glossy monthly magazines. I’d be the first to admit I’m not a fan of female magazines, filled with advertisements and tacky stories, but as I flicked through the pages there it was, plain as can be in front of my eyes: the Tingle Tip.

Check it out for yourself. This device fits on the end of your electric toothbrush and one size seems to fit all. Even as I write these words, I’m in awe. Would we ever have believed that inventions could really go so far? Call me old fashioned, but as well as this little teaser, the word is out that the electric toothbrush itself has a serious alter ego and the soft part (wherever that may be) has also been known to have its uses as a Clitoral Stimulator.

Hence the fact that million dollar companies have decided to cash in on the perfect female accessory, Madame Tingle Tip (she deserves the sexy French title, don’t you think?). Okay a million dollars may be a bit of an exaggeration, but this baby is certainly going to be worth her weight in fine gold. After all, the Tingle Tip is likely to catch on. Women love their handbag accessories, and this is certainly the ultimate!

Please forgive me if at any point there is so much as an ounce of judgement in my words or a stab at attempting to project what is right or wrong. I am purely making an observation and I encourage you to do the same once you’ve read on.

How was it for You?

So now that you’ve got over the shock, checked out the clip on You Tube, maybe even had a look at the Tingle Tip website and placed your orders, (please bear in mind I’m not on Tingle Tip commission)…the question I’d like to put to you is simply this.

“Are we so out of control with sexual desire that we feel the need to use household appliances to gain pleasure?

Please take a moment to ponder this question before answering.

Then I also started to wonder: at what point did leading toothbrush manufacturers and chief executives sit down in a boardroom and agree to this proposal with a huge handshake and a colossal grin on their faces? I’m guessing (along with many other curious minds) it woulda been a once in a lifetime experience to be a fly on that wall.

Take a Break.

In England we love our tea, so I cordially invite you to take a break, make a cup of Yogi Tea just like i showed you earlier in the month (you must have realized that at some point there had to be a good reason why you would drink this stuff) or grab a coffee if you must, because now I’m about to get a little serious.

Yoga Tude.

Believe it or not as I began to think a bit more about this piece of vibrating plastic, I delved deeper into the yogic perspective. As someone who has been exposed to yoga for more years than I care to mention, I decided to look at the teachings and what they would have to say and at no point did I notice any references regarding Vibrators or Clitoral Stimulators, which wasn’t too much of a surprise. However there are hundreds of ways of viewing sex and the use of sexual energy from many angles and many different traditions. I’m not about to pinpoint them all, but let us look at the Kundalini yoga perspective because it offers a balanced view on Human Sexuality.

Sexual Desire the Yogic Way.

Within Western culture we are taught to view sex in terms of pleasure and reproduction. There isn’t that much education on moderation of sex in order to maintain a healthy nervous system.

When practicing Kundalini yoga, sexual experience in the correct consciousness brings with it an experience of bliss, you may want to call it God bliss if that floats your boat. However before this can occur it’s important to charge up your sexual batteries, which will help to maintain potency in the reproductive centers.

Now let me get into a bit of technical information. Seminal fluid produced by men and sexual fluid produced by women contains a high level of minerals and elements that are crucial to nerve balance and brain function. Let us say that this stuff is the Elixir of life, it helps to balance all body systems and functions. If and only if the sexual fluid is allowed to mature and not constantly be used up, you get where I’m coming from? Excuse the pun. It will be re-absorbed by the body and its essence (if you want to be yogic about it) or Ojas are transported into the spinal fluid.

Don’t Expect the Car to Run Without Gas.

The human body and mind run the same way as a car. We don’t expect them to run up to full capacity without fuel. Approximately 90% of sexual energy is used to repair and rejuvenate the organs of the body. The normal span of potency for a yogi is equal throughout the length of their life. In the Western world potency starts to wane in the early 40’s. Now that’s scary.

So in my opinion, and remember this is only my opinion: keep it to yourself, allow it to mature and get the most from your sex life—unless of course the latest handbag accessory is looking just too good to resist.

Whatever you do, have fun.


About Indra Singh

Indra Singh loves to write anything from Yoga Articles to Creative Writing works. She is a full time mother and works predominantly in the world of addiction therapy, helping individuals with their journey through recovery by assisting them with Yoga techniques to help support their daily lives. She runs general classes and workshops too and is an experienced Children's Yoga teacher. She's studied Aura Soma, reflexology, aromatherapy and is heavily into flower essences and vibrational healing. She also loves to knit. For more about Indra, visit her website, Facebook or Twitter.


15 Responses to “Are You Vibrating the Cosmos? Or is the Cosmos Vibrating You?”

  1. indrasingh says:

    I'm sure it would be great for limescale too (of any kind) 🙂

  2. RemyC says:

    Kundalini yoga gives a whole new meaning to abstinence. Yes, recycling your sexual energy into developing a stronger, more powerful endocrine and limbic system is an evolutionary step yet barely touched on. But too much kundalini energy flooding into the system can also wreck havoc, it’s a question of balance, give and take, what Gurdjieff appropriately described as the harmonious development of man. Few achieve samadhi, or the perfect regulation of their entire emotional system to witness and experience the full capacity of their metabolism. We’re too busy leaking prana like pierced oil cans. But the energy we use via others, how our emotional need drains or replenishes those around us, our detractors, our lovers, our admirers, our enemies, all make for the kind of karmic soup will take science generations to come figuring out. Check out the Big igloo dot com bibliography for some great books on the subject.

  3. indrasingh says:

    RemyC-thank you for the insight and i'll certainly check out that site.

  4. indrasingh says:

    I would like to add, the guy you see in the video ( Alan Titchmarsh ) is actually one of Englands gardening experts, everyone knows him from the t.v show ' Gardner's World ' so seeing him do this makes it even more hilarious.

  5. acatalepsy says:

    I find it strange that this is shocking. People have been using household items to masturbate since there have been items in households. You’d like to be a fly on the wall of a business meeting that comes up with some “new way” to sell a product to women?? I’m sure the white men sitting in the room sat around saying “you’re really thinking outside the box,” and “let’s think about a second-quarter release so that we can generate a buzz before thE holiday season.”

    And re: whether people should buy this, or how often people should be masturbating and with what object — Could you be anymore pompous?? People get off in all sorts of ways! Perhaps some women enjoy this toothbrush vibrator because they enjoy hilarious or bizarre ways of finding orgasm. To assume that just because a person buys something it means their sexual proclivities are consumerist or unenlightened — how arrogant! I suppose I should go enlighten myself by purchasing and drinking a product that is steeped in colonial conquest and slave labor, but named for a super-enlightened way of being in the world (both exported from the same part of the world btw).

    This is exactly why so many people resist yoga. Its western practitioners chide non-practicers for their consumer-driven, fast lives, and try to replace it with pleasure-regulation by different means. And – perhaps more importantly – through the consumption of different, more expensive products.

    You end the piece by saying this is only your opinion. Everybody reading this article understands they are reading your opinions. But let us replace ‘opinion’ with ‘judgement’, and we understand the real meaning behind that tired and almost meaningless phrase “this is only my opinion.”

  6. acatalepsy says:

    But to follow, this version of sexuality is definitely something interesting to try.

  7. Ramesh says:

    Catalepsy, consider the idea that yoga is not prudish about sex for moral reasons (unless it hurts people and is thus against ahimsa, satya, etc., that is). But, as Indra wonderfully pointed out at the end of her article, there are energetic, health, hormonal, and immunological reasons why too much sex depletes our psycho-physical batteries, even though the Tingle Tip batteries may still have some juice left in them! Pleasure is great, but too much, as in too much sex and too much sweets, may not be the best for the immune system nor for the pancreas. Nothing much yogic about too much indulgence, too much attachment to those appliances, is there?

  8. indrasingh says:

    Ramesh: you hit the nail, thank you for your words, you see the point exactly

  9. Ramesh says:

    Thanks for seeing the nail, Indra! It occurred to me that I unconsciously addressed our friend above, Acatalepsy as Catalepsy in my response. Catalepsy = direct apprehension, direct knowing (whereas the skeptics or the Acataleptics did not think this yogic seeing of reality, this intuition was possible). So, not only do we have differences in opinion but also in regards to what it is to perceive. Very interesting….

  10. Ramesh says:

    Perhaps it was no clear in my response above that I was just commenting on the irony in the meanings of the words Acatalepsy and Catalepsy (or Katalepsy). Yes, controversy is fine, it can move people forward to deeper understanding, and the yogic concept of sex is one that is often misunderstood. So great job!

  11. indrasingh says:

    no, you were perfectly clear and a great point:)

  12. dharma_singh says:

    I have to say, your reaction is a bit harsh. This is a yoga/buddhist blog after all. The articles will be from the perspective of a spiritual lifestyle. The "opinion" of the author just happens to be a traditional point of view that my Guru taught as well – not meant to judge but to help. If the author wants to poke fun at human behavior along the way, that's great. We could all stand a little humor.

  13. Alamgir says:

    Great article and funny clip. Alan is one of our nations heros! Apparently he is a sex symbol too!

  14. Alamgir says:

    acatalepsy- what is your actual point?
    What are your reasongs behind the terms "colonial conquest and slave labour"?And why refer to the "white men" .You sound very bitter and i fail to see how the article can be classed as arrogant.
    The conclusion made by Indra Singh was emphasised as being her opinion and not her judgement. Are we actually getting into a debate about symantics?
    It riles me when indivduals use other peoples platfoms to belittle others.

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