Can’t get No Satisfaction.

Via Indra Singh
on Aug 26, 2010
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This short You Tube film was posted on my facebook wall today. As a mother of 2 girls it had a profound effect on me so i felt obliged to share it with all you readers. With the world of consumerism gnawing away at our toes, eating disorders, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol you name it . The list is endless and they’re all out there waiting to pounce on the vulnerable and the needy souls. So who better to prey on than the fresh and innocent children of this planet.

The video speaks for itself so please leave your comments below.

If you have a child or know a child please tell them how beautiful they are today and do the same for yourself too. Remember we are beautiful just as we are.


About Indra Singh

Indra Singh loves to write anything from Yoga Articles to Creative Writing works. She is a full time mother and works predominantly in the world of addiction therapy, helping individuals with their journey through recovery by assisting them with Yoga techniques to help support their daily lives. She runs general classes and workshops too and is an experienced Children's Yoga teacher. She's studied Aura Soma, reflexology, aromatherapy and is heavily into flower essences and vibrational healing. She also loves to knit. For more about Indra, visit her website, Facebook or Twitter.


22 Responses to “Can’t get No Satisfaction.”

  1. Dill Davies says:

    Poignant video. There is nothing beautiful about the 'beauty industry'.

  2. indrasingh says:


  3. Kelly M says:

    Oh my God, that film is hard hitting!

    Scary stuff eh?! x

  4. Indra, Thank you for sharing this. As a clinician and art therapist working with individuals struggling with a positive self concept I see some of the most horrifying results of the media's harmful propaganda. Initially I thought this may have been one of those negative thought producing ads, then the preventive aspect was introduced and much appreciated. Spread the love and self acceptance xoxo

  5. MrsMoons says:

    Boys, too, need educating! Otherwise they'll expect all girls to look like barbie dolls. Though boys are just as vulnerable to eating disorders or body issues…

  6. indrasingh says:

    Totally MrsMoon.
    And it's sad that boys are way too often over looked when it comes to stuff like this, however not as much as they used to be.

  7. Had all my kids watch it – there is also the Dove Evolution video which captures how they take a nice looking adverage girl and create a supermodel photo ad.

  8. indrasingh says:

    thank you so much for that Donna. I've just taken a look and posted it to my facebook.
    It really does show how we all perceive perfection YET it's not a possible thing to achieve naturally. All the touching up and brushing up that it takes to achieve such a look, seems to go back to what i said at the end of the article, ' We are all beautiful, just as we are. ' Guess we need to just embrace that a bit more x

  9. your mom says:

    “[The model] doesn’t represent me, my mother, my children or any other woman.”

    Jennifer Hunt

    Except, of course, that that is precisely the mechanism of advertising. And it works exceedingly well.

  10. Laura Miller says:

    I am going to share this with a friend who is an eating-disorder counselour!

  11. indrasingh says:

    great Laura that is fantastic. Maybe share with her my eating disorders article too, as this is all close to my heart. you can find it in my profile. It's important to me to spread the word on this.
    thank you for your time.

    Your mom thank you too and exactly that advertising is a powerful thing but it's all an ' illusion '

  12. Aron Stein says:

    I think the key is as the ad said. TALK TO YOU CHILDREN. It's your responsibility not the worlds. Expecting the world to change is naive.

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  14. Dolores says:

    I appreciate the video share. It makes me think about the impact the choices that I make have on my own daughters. I do not buy magazines or buy into the perfection culture that drives the ad campaigns that attempt to make women feel lacking and therefore grasping. I see myself as a role model for my girls. Before I tell them they are beautiful I tell them how incredibly smart they are and I concentrate on their inner beauty.

  15. JinpaG says:

    Great post … thank you. There really are few "industries" that are pro-human (or pro-animal, for that matter), as "the bottom line" for selling selling selling products is dissatisfaction … with ourselves, our lives, each other, the world. "Samsara is relentless," so let's wake up, cultivate love, compassion, joy, and, along with all that … a generous sense of humor! "May all beings enjoy profound brilliant glory. Ki Ki So So!"

  16. indrasingh says:

    Aron – i think this is so true, we must talk to our children, but i also believe we can Help to make a change in the world, even if it's a minimum amount.
    Dolores – I, like you don't buy magazines either and concentrating on the internal is so important. Seeing yourself as the role model is wonderful, not always easy though.
    JinpaG – thank you for the humor reminder, so important.:)

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