August 6, 2010

How Can I See God with that Blasted Radio On? ~ Sati Ayurveda

Let’s Learn to Control our Senses and Realize Life’s Full Potential.

Contrary to our popular cultural norm of constant bombardment of over-stimulating information, it is crucial to for one to be able to control their senses, which is the teaching of Indriya-pratyahara, or retraction of the sense.

We are in constant danger since we have no way to protect ourselves from harmful one-way sensory signals that come at us uninterruptedly via television, radio, magazines, etc.

We live in a society based upon constantly stimulating our senses with bright colors, loud voices and dramatic sensations. Whethere we can protect ourselves from this form of sensory attack is determined by how much we can be aware of this situation and how we are able to engage a strategy to counter this trend. We live in a time of so-called “sensory indulgence,” which is bound to bend our balance in all life’s potential to a significant degree.

What we all need to know is that the our senses are strongly linked to our instincts, just as an infant whose sneezes is mainly controlled by sensory reaction. If we do not take serious measure against this, we are easily going to fall victim to this trend as our instincts are set up to follow recognizable sensory triggers like that of a child with no guardian.

We are always chasing these sensory objects, or whatever make us feel good for the moment, and leave behind the spiritual and mental dignity that we are supposed to possess.

This is why it is very important for people in our modern society to learn about the Indriya-pratyahara, which governs our ability to control our senses. If we are able to discipline ourselves to this system, we are better capable of developing a stronger spirit and of reducing our dependency on instincts and the body. This is the control that we need to develop in order to escape from being a subject of our “sensory indulgence society.”

Sati is a holistic practitioner / M.D. based in California and Kerala (Cochin) India. She is passionate about integrating Western medicine and Eastern medicine to evolve our consciousness and prevent whatever is unnecessary to keep our immune system intact. Contact Sati through her Facebook account.

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