Review: Olomomo Nuts.

Via Lindsey Block
on Aug 3, 2010
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Honestly the best nuts I’ve ever had.

The variety! The flavors! What a fun, tasty, nutty snack.

Olomomo means “a state of bliss,” and with a tag line of “wicked good nuts,” I was ready for some serious good snacking. And excited when they delivered. These all natural nuts contain no gluten, no dairy and no added oils. And they’ve created biodegradable/compostable packaging for these scrumptious little nuts, so you won’t be contributing plastic to our landfills. Plastic is bad, bad, bad stuff.

Olomomo’s artisan, kettle-roasted nuts are exotic and…you won’t get a belly ache from too much sugar. These nuts are designed and made in small batches with love in Boulder, Colorado. We sell thousands of them at the farmers market, coffee shops, bars, smoothie shops, and specialty stores.

They mix real flavors and spices such as fair trade organic maple syrup, garam masala, a bit of sugar and kosher salt to create my favorite Cosmic Maple Masala Roasted Pecans. A close second, is the Chai Bliss Almonds, sprinkled with a dash of organic sugar, organic cardamom and organic vanilla.  Simple and delish.

Their pairing suggestions are a fun plus too! For the Chai Bliss Almonds:

“These nuts are righteous with a cup of coffee, a cup of chai, or on chocolate ice cream.”

The Righteous Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds had a little too much zip for my delicate palate. But for those who like a little tang, these sweet and spicy nuts, inspired by cinnamon and chile in Mexican-style hot chocolate, will wake you right up from your afternoon daze.

And the best part, love is included in each of their ingredient lists!

I’m giving two thumbs up for their unique and unusually tasty nuts and their fun and socially responsible business style.

Olomomo Nuts are available at farmers’ markets, coffee shops and specialty stores around the Boulder, Denver, Longmont area or can be purchased online at Olomomo’s website. Olomomo will be featured on the Cooking Channel on August 9th at 8:00 Mountain. Don’t miss it!


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One Response to “Review: Olomomo Nuts.”

  1. Would love to see them get organic, but I know that makes the nuts uber-pricey. Love this company, they're super yum and healthy.

    One note: what if Pepsi or Coke, say, said "love is one of our ingredients!" Ingredients such be literal, honest, transparent. Conventionally-grown anything means they're sprayed in chemicals, poisons. That's not love.

    That said, Olomomo is indeed full of love—I know and dig Justin—and they're far more full of love than any of their competitors, health and yum-wise.