Review: And Man Created Dog

Via Todd Mayville
on Aug 8, 2010
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This fascinating movie documents our relationship with dogs through both a historical and sociological lens. Tracing Man’s beginning relationship with wolves and proto-dogs up through the development of the varied breeds of today, the film examines the role we have come to play in each other’s lives.

As our relationship grew, Man learned to cultivate specific traits of our canine friends while eliminating others, thus lending literal truth to the title. From service dogs to working dogs to companions and family members, the movie covers a wide range of information about our dogs. Not completely viewed through rose-colored lenses, the film also takes a look at the negative impact Man has had on dogs, from the impact of hereditary defects brought about through selective breeding to abandoned strays. This excellent film will give the viewers much to think about and appreciate in our four-legged friends.

And Man Created Dog premieres tonight, Sunday, August 8 and 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on the National Geographic Channel.


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