September 14, 2010

10 Reasons why I suffer from Bieber Fever. ~ Frances Oliver

Number #11: he looks like a lesbian.

For all of you guys (gals) out there who haven’t heard of Justin Bieber, or don’t know anything about him, here’s 10 reasons why he rocks my (the) world.

1. When he emerged on the music scene, Usher and Justin Timberlake fought to sign him. Usher won. Usher’s hot.

2. As a young talent, he is already going on world tours, making new albums, music videos—all the while trying to be a teenager. He has to be an extremely hard worker.

3. He has great hair. It’s his trademark, and has inspired a website dedicated to lesbians with Justin Bieber hair.

4. He has a strong moral base, and a mother who enforces the rules no matter how famous he gets.

5. He holds his own with adults twice or three times his age, proving he isn’t just another teeny bopper, but instead someone who is here to stay.

6. Oh, right, he has an amazing voice. It’s been described as the voice of an angel (by me) and has managed to get him everything he’s gained so far.

7. He has the ability to make teenagers and grown women alike swoon over him; his looks combined with that voice creates an unstoppable wave of screaming fans everywhere he goes.

8. He has good fashion sense and style; whenever he is seen he’s always lookin’ good.

9. He’s cool enough that Ludacris guest raps on one of his tracks, “Baby”.

10. He achieved fame on his own, via social media, teaching himself how to play numerous instruments. Everything he has released has gone platinum.

Don’t believe me? Here’s one of his music videos for the song “One Less Lonely Girl”, along with the link to Lesbians that look like Justin Bieber.

Frannie Oliver is a student at the Univeristy of Colorado here in Boulder and plays for the women’s ultimate frisbee team Kali. She is constantly learning from her experience at Elephant, about everything from WordPress to yoga.

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