It ain’t sexy. It’s toxic coal ash. (video)

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Sep 15, 2010
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Enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every two and a half minutes.

Photo: | Coal ash storm in Shui Mo-tou Village

China’s coal-fired power plants dump enough toxic coal ash to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every two and a half minutes, Greenpeace says in its latest report The True Cost of Coal: An Investigation into Coal Ash in China. Coal ash has now become China’s largest single source of solid waste, due to the country’s heavy reliance on coal.

Check out this video:

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One Response to “It ain’t sexy. It’s toxic coal ash. (video)”

  1. Randi Young says:

    This is so ridiculous! I can't stand to watch things like this and know that it's simply because their government- the people with financial control- do not CARE whether or not these families can farm. (Or EAT, for that matter!) This is really heart-breaking. Thanks for posting, Lynn.