Review: Plank Yoga Mats. ~ Emma Blue

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on Sep 6, 2010
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I was excited to try out the Plank “shag” yoga mat, which appears as though someone was doing a downward dog in a shag carpet, or perhaps something a little more naughty.

Based out of Boston, the Plank brand combines cheeky humour with unique designs in the form of yoga products and luxurious accessories. Plank advertises,

“In a sea of cookie-cutter product, Plank is deliberate in its design to shift the visual and verbal language of yoga products, as evidenced by the Photo Mat Series; a collection of four commissioned art quality images rendered onto eco-friendly natural rubber.”

I especially love the concept of the “pill” mat, which appears to be a tiled bathroom floor with a colorful cocktail of spilled Rx pills all over—a stark, stylish and humorous contrast of Western and Eastern alternative therapies. The yoga mats retail for $95 and other accessories, including stylish leather trimmed yoga mat totes and faux pony hair clutches, retail up to $260.

Everytime I unfurl my “shag” yoga mat, I enjoy the refreshing sight amongst the “sea of cookie-cutter product” and it always receives compliments in class.

It feels durable (only time will tell) and offers a perfect level of cushioning for both myself and my 215lb husband. The downside is we found the mat slippery with the slightest moisture. Covering the mat with a towel defeats its aesthetic offering. Without a towel to prevent slipping, it is probably ideal for yin/restorative yoga. [note: elej is checking with Emma, the reviewer, to make sure she removed the protective film from the mat before using it! ~ ed]


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4 Responses to “Review: Plank Yoga Mats. ~ Emma Blue”

  1. AMO says:

    That's insanely expensive, and PLEASE when you review a yoga mat can you tell us how green it is? There are biodegradable low impact design and production yoga mats available. Personally, I do hot yoga so I always have a yogi toes mat on top of my mat, I couldn't see it anyway. If I could see it, I don't think I care for it, it's distracting.
    But hey, in order to make money off of a simple process like yoga you have to add STUFF.
    Just a mat please, and a biodegradable low impact mat at that, you can keep the pictures…

  2. BMC says:

    I've owned Plank Mats for many years. I'm a loyal Customer and supporter of the Brand. I'll tell you why. Plank takes the time to collect feedback from its Customers. They don't just ask a question and give you a generic "Thanks for your response". They ask specific questions and really listen to what you have to say. Plank is not about offering an expensive product that doesn't deliver. I can attest to this feedback system. Their products have only gotten better as they've grown. They want to give you a product that will inspire you to get on your mat. Very simple.

    These mats may not be for everyone but I think its an investment piece for yourself and to your practice. These mats are one of those things that you will want to keep unrolling…for inspiration.

    My personal choice of practice is Vinyasa Flow….sweaty, gooey, great music, deep breathing and my Plank has taken me joyfully thru hundreds of Vinyasas – no slipping, shredding, peeling, flaking.

    I don't stare or gawk at my mat all during class…its usually during the forward bending part of class (you know, the poses that make you pay attention and surrender to your past experiences?) the uttanasas or pashimotanasas – where I actually pay attention to whats under me…and what do I see? A Plank. A beautiful piece of wood that is carrying me, holding my weight as I make peace with my past in these poses. And then I'm back into my flow, ready to create something new as the past gets released…and this happens with every single class.

    Its a joy-filled product.

  3. Cate says:

    Beware of purchasing from Plank. I ordered a present for a friend. other than an initial confirmation email, I have had heard nothing from them and no mat after 2 1/2 weeks. They charged my credit card in a hurry! There phone line is a barely audible recorded "Plank" and then a beep. No response to my call. My email has also received no response. I am thoroughly disappointed in the company.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I received plank yoga mat as a birthday gift. Though I was pleasantly surprised at the design and concept of inventing such mat, I do not appreciate the unnatural feel and smell of this plastic mat. The weird plastic smell is strong and it choked my lungs when I meditated on it. I thought because it’s new and the smell will go away but it didn’t, using it for 9months already, even though I practice in an airy and non aircon space. I urge makers of yoga mats to consider working towards natural elements. We are organic beings, practicing yoga bring us back our true nature, yet many artificial toxic materials are created in this world, even plants as food are highly adulterated, genetically modified and hybrid creating unknown newer diseases that cannot be cured by doctors except by living close to nature.