Ahimsa – nonviolence, being kind.

Via Maureen Miller
on Oct 20, 2010
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Ahimsa is about being kind – to yourself and others.  I like to think about the way I want to be with others and not how I don’t want to be.  So, though the Sanskrit word Ahimsa is sometimes translated to nonviolence, I think about it as being kind.  When we are being kind – we can’t also be violent.

We each define kindness in our own way – whatever way you define it – think about how you are kind first and foremost to yourself.  We are sometimes kind to everyone around us and forget about ourselves.  So, first – be kind to you.

How about an assignment?

Examine a thought that you have about yourself today. When/if you have a negative thought about yourself, in that moment change it up – immediately.  Do not judge that you said something unkind to yourself – just make a commitment that when you do that, you immediately say something kind.  By starting with our thoughts we will bring more awareness to how we treat ourselves and then we can move that same awareness into kind words and actions toward others.

Example – a thought I had today ‘My desk is so messy, what is wrong with me that I cannot get a handle on this.’  Changing it up – ‘The paper, books and pictures on my desk are all important to me.  When I have time, I will organize my desk.  In the meantime, I choose to let go of any negativity associated with my messy desk.’

Ha.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Make an amazing day!


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Maureen is a yoga teacher, life/health coach and an aspiring writer. She teaches yoga and leads a yoga teacher training/develop your yoga practice program for students who want to learn more about integrating the body, mind and spirit. Maureen believes when we find balance in all areas of our lives, we live in alignment with our core values and we can live a life filled with intention and purpose.  As a yoga teacher and life/health coach, it is her intention to be with students/coaches on their journey as they investigate decisions that brought them to where they are today, examine options toward change and make choices to break through current challenges.  You can find Maureen on Facebook, Twitter and at her website: Living Life, Making Choices.


5 Responses to “Ahimsa – nonviolence, being kind.”

  1. Charlotte says:

    I like Sanskrit scholar Alistair Shearer's description of ahimsa. He calls it "dynamic peacefulness."

  2. I love that! dynamic peacefulness…. I'll share that with my yoga community.
    Thanks, Charlotte.

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