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on Oct 9, 2010
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Living authentically – what does that mean?

To begin I want to state up front that I know we all could go on and on and on about the question of what authenticity means. So, here, I’m setting an intention to keep it simple and explore just one way we can begin to discover our authentic self.

1)      Know who you are, your goals in life, your life’s purpose.
What is unique about you? What do you care about? What contributes to your contentment?

2)  Release from caring what other people think.
If those whose opinion you value do not accept you unconditionally, examine that. If you care too much what others think, be curious and explore that. As you let go of what others think, you become more grounded in your authenticity.

3)  Be with people the way you want them to be with you.
If you want others to be compassionate toward you, show compassion toward others. If you want to feel loved, give love. If you want others to understand you, be understanding.

So…how do we examine who we are? There are many ways—one way is to examine our belief system.

Make a list of what you believe. Reflect on each belief one-by-one.  Trace this belief back in time—when did this belief come to you and how?  Example—I believe all people should be treated equally.  Well, that’s an easy example and I don’t need to reflect on that at all—I know I believe it. Another example—I believe that we should care what other people think. Over time I have learned that by living my truth, when I interact with others honestly and respectfully, I can let go of what they think.  Most often what others think about me is really about them, not me.  I love the saying “What you think of me is none of my business.”

Sometimes we carry a belief from childhood (family systems, to vaccinate or not, how to behave ) or from a group (yoga philosophy, work ethics) that we spend a lot of time with and when we really examine the belief, we may discover – we don’t actually believe it at all. Belief examination takes time and commitment – to your personal development. When we release from beliefs that no longer serve us, it can be a beautiful thing!

One key way to know if you believe something – after reflecting on it, sit quietly and close your eyes.  Tap into the stillness of the moment and ask yourself ‘is this true?’  You know the answer.

There are many exercises that can help us discover who we are….. if you have an idea – post away – I’d love for this blog post to be interactive so we can all learn from one another.

If you are interested in exploring your belief system on a more personal, individualized basis – I provide life and health coaching via the telephone or Skype, email me at:  [email protected].

Make an amazing day!


About Maureen Miller

Maureen is a yoga teacher, life/health coach and an aspiring writer. She teaches yoga and leads a yoga teacher training/develop your yoga practice program for students who want to learn more about integrating the body, mind and spirit. Maureen believes when we find balance in all areas of our lives, we live in alignment with our core values and we can live a life filled with intention and purpose.  As a yoga teacher and life/health coach, it is her intention to be with students/coaches on their journey as they investigate decisions that brought them to where they are today, examine options toward change and make choices to break through current challenges.  You can find Maureen on Facebook, Twitter and at her website: Living Life, Making Choices.


16 Responses to “Authenticity?”

  1. helene_rose says:

    That is going to my facebook share for the day, "What you think of me is none of my business."
    Love it!
    I enjoyed reading your expression of authenticity.


  2. Maureen Miller says:

    Thanks, Helene! Have a great day!

  3. iloveginger says:

    lovely maureen! I am working on a personal mission statement. A personal mission which contains, 1) what do i want to do 2) who do i want to help 3) what is the result, what value will i create?

  4. That's great. I think everyone should have a personal mission statement. Mine is embedded in my bio. Thanks for your comment.

  5. elephantjournal says:

    nice, simply says central and significant thought encouraging,suggestive statements."Like"

  6. thank you for sharing too! i think what you are saying is very relevant to the posting…. it's all good – this checking into who we are…. 🙂

  7. why thank you! I enjoy writing and being a part of the ele community!

  8. cindy says:

    food for thought. as i am on the verge of another birthday, these are some of things i've been pondering as i go into the next phase.

  9. Abigail says:

    That's the title of a book by Terry Cole Whittaker, a delightful spiritual teacher.

  10. Elena says:

    Great post. This is very timely for me (and many others I know)…examining my life and picking out what is still true and authentic for ME. Beautiful place to be in.


  11. Thanks Cindy and Elena. Abigail, thanks for the reminder of where I got that quote- I think it's important to note that when we share we enjoy something – to give credit to where it came from.

  12. Randall Smith says:

    I have had this open on a tab in my browser for several days. I'm glad to have read it just now. These are some great foundational building blocks that need to be reviewed on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Randall, thanks! I do that with blogs I want to read too…. thanks for your comment… much 'ppreciated!

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