Chicken Nugget Yuck. ~ Kristine Gutierrez

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on Oct 7, 2010
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Update: Good has factchecked its initial post, on which New Era based the below. Good news: the truth isn’t quite so bad.

Interesting news: @elephantjournal, named #1 nationally in green, received a personal tweet from Ronald McDonald himself, so to speak. He sounded understandably peeved. “This is totally false,” it said.

We replied twice, once offering immediate correction and once asking about living conditions:

No response, as of yet. We’re hoping.

Bad news: factually, this is actually mostly true—and the truth is still dis-gust-ing.

*Bonus round.


Original post follows:

You aren’t what you don’t eat.

For those who thought that chicken nuggets are so much better and healthier than getting your normal burger, you are absolutely wrong.

We at New Era News have been writing relentlessly about the upcoming elections and listed about a thousand reasons why you should vote, so we had to take a break and share with you, a lovely picture of what you put in your mouth, and ultimately your belly.

Food companies are obsessed about making a profit to the extreme.  In order to get the most meat out of an animal, companies go literally, to the bone.  Little bits of bones and whatever meat left on their barren surfaces are passed through a pressure sieve, with the result being the picture shown.  Due to high amounts of bacteria, the “meat” has to be washed in ammonia, given artificial flavor (it’s really no longer chicken) and then dyed a non-pink color.

…Read the rest at New Era News


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  1. I haven't eaten fast food chicken in years. This confirms why.