Core Power: Yoga Flow Workout DVD Review.

Via Nancy Alder
on Oct 1, 2010
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Jenni Rawlings, owner of my favorite yoga store, recently came out with a DVD called “Core Power: Yoga Flow Workout.”  Plainly stated, this DVD is terrific and exactly what I’ve needed in my rural corner of Connecticut.  I’ve been looking for some advanced classes and not finding any that work with my body and my approach to yoga.  Jenni’s DVD offers five different routines and five hours of yoga practice that are a blend of Ashtanga, Core Strength Vinyasa and other styles.  This DVD is definitely not for beginning students as some of the routines lead to advanced arm balances and stronger sequences.  However, it’s a great compliment to a home practice that might need a little step up in challenges.

Jenni has practiced yoga for over 13 years and regularly teaches in the Santa Barbara area.  She recently completed Sadie Nardini’s Core Strength Vinyasa training and it shows in her use of alignment cues and core-infused sequences.  Jenni’s teaching style is gentle even though her classes are powerful: she doesn’t rely too heavily on explaining poses (it is an advanced DVD after all), yet she guides you sufficiently so you are safe.  She speaks softly and minimally so her voice does not interfere with your personal practice.  I found I could escape into the poses without having to constantly watch the video for explanation, something that eludes me with most DVDs.

What I loved about this DVD is that it allows me to delve into a harder practice at various lengths of time in a creative, strong and fun flow.  I have used the 37 minute flow in the middle of an hour-long practice or simply used the longer 75 minute to do a complete session myself.  With five routines the advanced student can really get a chance to play around with both the level and duration of intensity they wish to experience. In addition, she sufficiently guides the student into challenging poses with enough warm up and opening for them to be safe and successful.

If you are looking for a stronger advanced yoga DVD with inversions, arm balances and core intensive flows then Jenni’s might be just what the doctor ordered.  The DVD is available at Amazon and also through her store.


About Nancy Alder

Nancy Alder is a 200H Registered Yoga Teacher in Connecticut. She teaches her students to connect with space and breath from a place of safety and humor. She writes for many yoga blogs and chronicles her daily practice to find the beginners mind on and off the mat at her own blog, She is co-founder of Teachasana,, a site by yoga teachers for yoga teachers. When not writing or doing yoga she is in awe of her elves, busting asanas in crazy places and counting the days until the next snowfall.


One Response to “Core Power: Yoga Flow Workout DVD Review.”

  1. Basia says:

    Core Power – very disappointing! Simply boring. Nothing new, nothing creative. Same old, same old. Several options of different routines, except that they are mostly the same. This basic stuff was done so many times before – just with much better quality of recording (not too important) and much better form.

    I would like to return this DVD