Elephant Does Not Fear the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Via Jay Winston
on Oct 30, 2010
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This is our Woodstock
But with more port-a-potties
And less gonorrhea
(This reporter’s favorite poster that he didn’t manage to get a picture of at the Rally to Restore Sanity)

Just wanted to make it known that Elephant Journal is every bit as brave as a seven year old girl.

Yes, unlike NPR and other news outlets mercilessly (and hilariously) mocked by Stephen Colbert for forbidding employees to attend, Elephant allowed this intrepid writer to wade out into the crowd at the Rally to Restore Sanity,  to come face to face with ironic hipsters, painfully sincere activists, and even, yes…Muslims.

Not that Waylon got me press credentials or anything…and, then, since “exposure” doesn’t exactly pay my bills, it could be argued that I’m not, technically, an employee, either.

But, hey, ya gotta take heroes where ya find ’em…(even when, after driving from Philly to D.C. and back and standing for hours in a massive crush,  they’re too tired to write anything more intelligent than this…).


About Jay Winston

Jay S. Winston, founder and proprietor of Yoga for Cynics (http://yogaforcynics.blogspot.com), has a PhD in English, making him the kind of doctor who, in case of life-threatening emergency, can explain Faulkner while you die, is currently (semi-)(un-)employed as a freelance writer and editor, teaches creative writing to homeless men, tutors recovering addicts in reading, was recently certified as a Kripalu yoga teacher, gets around mostly by bicycle, is trying to find an agent for his novel, resides in the bucolic Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, State of Mildly Inebriated Samadhi, U.S.A. and, like most people who bike and practice yoga, used to live in Boulder.


2 Responses to “Elephant Does Not Fear the Rally to Restore Sanity.”

  1. Laura says:

    LOVE THAT YOU of all yogis was there Dr Jay!!!! I love the signs you highlighted too. I have had to attend through youtube…but my heart and soul were right there with you my friend.

  2. Laura says:

    I think if I had been there in my wheelchair holding up a sign with a very long stick (so it could be seen with my new height challenge) It would have read…"What ever happened to equanimity?", of course the people who would need to read my sign most, would not understand the word equanimity…that's the sad truth.