From One Sexy, Sassy, Powerful Goddess Yogini to Another.

Via R.R. Shakti
on Oct 26, 2010
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sister goddesses

Two poems in response to your top ten list, Leigha Butler:

There is a goddess.

There is a goddess inside me who has nothing to prove. She does not need approval. There is no question of her worth. She is Divine.
There is a goddess within who does not seek peace. She is peace. She is the vibrant expression of everlasting joy. She is Divine.
I have an inner devi who is not afraid to die. For her there is no death. There is no fear. She is Divine.
And she is all of nature, every grand sequoia, every delicate moth. She is every snake that slithers sending shivers up my spine. She is Divine.
She is every human spirit, every woman, every man, the laughter of a baby, every heart and every hand. They are all Divine.
And she is wonder. She is life. She is heaven. She is earth.
She is all of the seasons and all of the stars. All she sees, feels, hears, and knows is love.
She is love.
Through her, there is no suffering. There is nothing to hide. And in her, there is wisdom. There is nothing but truth.
She is the constant creation of change. Her womb germinates and pullulates pure beauty as infinite potential.
She is the mystery. She is emerging and receding. She is waking and she’s dreaming.
Her vision flashes lightning and her song is the pulsing in my veins.
It is the pulsing of the tides.
She enters the party wearing the jewels of power, compassion, and insight. Her dance makes the wind blow. It makes the river flow. She is Divine.
She is a wild warrior for freedom, the sweet soft whisper of freedom, the yearning, the burning, the spontaneous recognition of Divine.
And when I celebrate, I celebrate her. And when I meditate, it is on her.
And when I breathe, it is she who breathes me; for she is me. I am Divine.

~r.r. Shakti

I am.
I am who I say I am. I am only what I want to be. The friends who corroborate my story, are the ones who have heard it from me.
And by hearing, I also mean seeing. And by seeing, I mean that they know.
‘Cause the friends who know my true story, will want to see me grow.
So to (wo)manifest my Vision, to listen and really be heard:
I will claim my Inner Power with every thought and deed and word.
Don’t worry so much if I scare you.
I won’t worry, I won’t be ashamed.
Don’t fret if I appall you.
I promise I will not be tamed.
But I will invite you to join me. Infinite. Radiant. True.
I am exactly who I claim to be and goddess, so are you.
~r.r. Shakti

If you have sampled the sweet fire of Infinite Inner Power, the Rich Abundance of Grace, the sexy sass of True Liberation; can I get an “Awe Yeah!!” shout out for my sexy, sassy, sister goddess yogini Leigha Butler?

Go on with your powerful Self.



About R.R. Shakti

Yoga World Reach Director, and Certified Yoga Therapist, R.R. Shakti has been teaching "the blissipline" of Inner Power Yoga since 2000. She is a Certified Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic Health Counselor and has studied holistic approaches to health and well being for over 15 years. She has traveled extensively throughout the world gaining insight, experience, and inspiration, bringing yoga and hope to people from all walks of life. Shakti is a firm believer in the power of yoga to awaken the body’s own healing process by aligning with Grace and empowering one’s unique expression of their True Nature. She holds an A.A. in Outdoor Recreation Leadership from Colorado Mountain College, a B.A. in Traditional Eastern Arts from Naropa University and is currently pursuing a M.A./Ph.D. in Mythology and Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Visit Shakti at


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    Love this post!!!

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    I love these, thank you so much!