Naked Yoga – for a cause.

Via elephant journal
on Oct 3, 2010
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The cause? Compassion.

Not so fast, elephriend.

Read these messages of compassion and awareness first, let them soak in and wake up…then find the link and see the full images. Only one of the images is linked. Fun, it’s a game!

Photographer: Michael Knight, Knight Studios


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3 Responses to “Naked Yoga – for a cause.”

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  2. Erika says:

    Good! it's a good way to really get under the skin of these questions.

  3. oz_ says:

    Would that it were as simple as these elegant appeals pretend. First, do you have any idea how many animals have been killed off and continue to be in order to clear land permanently for agriculture to grow those veggies? Very, very difficult to eat without inflicting harm on the biosphere, including animals. Well, unless, I guess, you're a breatharian. Much more difficult than these ads let on, that's for sure.

    The book to read on the subject: Simon Fairlie's 'Meat: A Benign Extravagance.' Worth noting: Fairlie is totally opposed to factory farmed meat – this book in no way attempts to justify that barbarism. Nor am I attempting to do so, though my guess is I'll be accused of it.

    Further, unless you are very careful indeed about what you eat as a vegetarian, you are likely to wind up with soy products on your plate that are the direct result of clearing of the Amazon rain forest and the murdering of indigenous peoples in that part of the world by the huge soy producers there. If not there, then from other areas of oppression and exploitation. This is our world.

    Worth noting, there are animals that are raised humanely for food – non-factory farmed animals, In some cases, as with bison, these can serve a critical ecological function (restoring Great Plains ecosystems) and because humans also killed off their predators, humane harvesting of these animals can be done. Before you render a wholly uninformed judgment – I suggest reading Dan O'Brien's 'Buffalo for the Broken Heart.'

    Arguably, eating humanely raised and harvested bison is much more ecologically responsible than the plan that most vegans and vegetarians follow.

    What I'm suggesting here is that we confront the complexity of the modern world by examining facts – rather than going with emotional appeals that are based on a naive and simplistic view of what is anything but a simple situation.

    Honestly, your best bet, if you go the vegetarian route, is to truly take ownership of your food by growing your own veggies. Next best bet: CSA and Farmer's Markets. But recognize that – even on organic farms – that land being used to produce your food is being denied to animals who once roamed freely there. Animals ARE being harmed. And thus, so are the ecosystems that rely upon them.

    The only way out of this trap – and the path that I am pursuing – is to build a permaculture-based garden or, better yet, forest garden that incorporates plants, animals (human and non-) and fungi. You wanna be at peace with nature? Then come into true harmony via the permaculture approach.

    Indeed – the earth does NOT just belong to us. So give this the thought and the care it deserves. The campaign above doesn't.