October 1, 2010

OK Go video creator sheds Light on Yoga.

Yoga Insights from Creating a Rube Goldberg Machine

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OK Go is known for their fabulously creative one take music videos. Personally I really like their music (and British sense of humor).

During a TED Talks Adam Sadowsky shared four insights he and his team gained while creating the Rube Goldberg machine  in OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” video. I appreciated how these same lessons apply to a personal yoga practice.

Insight #1: Small Stuff Stinks

Small details are a pain. They take a lot of energy and attention. However, they are essential to success. In yoga when you can get the small stuff, the nuances of each pose or breathing technique right, the big stuff generally falls into place.

Insight #2: Planning is Important

Having a plan is important to achieving overall success. However, don’t be so attached to your plans that they impede your accomplishments. Flexibility within a framework is an essential skill. This is similar to yoga postures. Each one has specific alignment (planning) but requires flexibility and balance in order to execute.

Insight #3: Put Reliable Stuff Last

Do difficult things, or things that may not work well, first in the order of events. Leave the tried and true for the end and you will flourish. At the end of every yoga practice you get to enjoy savasana, which for many is the whole reason for doing yoga.  Savasana is like an old friend who will always be there or a favourite blanket into which you can simply relax and let go.

Insight #4: Life Can be Messy

Life includes difficult moments. Whatever comes, good or bad, remember “this too shall pass.” Learning to live in the moment and appreciate each stage of life, be it sickness, health, worry, blessings, tragedy, change, love, loneliness, beauty, or joy, with gratitude for the experience is a key element to living a yogic life. Let go and celebrate whatever life may bring.

End Note:

OK Go’s newest video “White Knuckles” is another one take wonder with some decidely yoga (or dare I say Doga) moments. Click to watch:

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