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on Oct 24, 2010
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…And I’ll show you mine.

Last week New Era Colorado launched MyBallot, a nationwide Facebook voter guide that gives voters a chance to see their online friends’ recommendations before filling out their ballots. Although the application was built locally for New Era Colorado by the amazing people at Boulder-based Dojo4, it’s now available for use in all 50 states.

The application uses a voter’s ZIP code to prepare a ballot loaded with races for Congress and statewide office, as well as the ballot measures voters will decide this fall. In addition to a short description of the race and a list of candidates, each race will show the voter’s Facebook friends’ positions.

Once a voter has filled out her ballot, she can submit it, sharing it with her own friends on Facebook.

So give it a try. You no longer have the excuse that you shouldn’t vote because you don’t know enough about the issues. And if you need an extra push, check out New Era Colorado’s voter guide.

Also, for those of you who live in this square state, you can actually vote Monday-Friday of this week. No need to wait until Election Day. Here are some Early Voting  and mail-in ballot drop-off locations in Denver and Boulder:

200 West 14th Avenue 8am-6pm

CU Rec Center 8am-6pm
Courthouse on Pearl and 14th 8am-6pm
County Clerk Building: 1750 33rd Street 8am-6pm

Go to for other Early Vote locations and other election questions.


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