October 15, 2010

Start them off Right: Yoga for Kids. ~ Katrina Durocher

Can you imagine if you had been taught Yoga when you were a kid?

Very few individuals in the US were lucky enough to have parents, grandparents, a teacher, or a family member who practiced yoga. Still fewer were invited to participate. Can you imagine if you had been offered the tools of mindfulness?

To have learned how to observe your body and been able to be present with what the body was feeling. To have recognized and greeted each and every emotion that you had felt, without hiding them or being ashamed of having them. To have practiced different types of breathing techniques that could have helped you shift your energy so that you could engage 100% in whatever activity you wished. To be able to connect with nature, sustain your flexibility, and promote optimal physical health as you posed and moved your body in fun, playful, non-competitive ways.

And best of all to be provided the opportunity to express and acknowledge that fact that you are divine! This is why Yoga should be available to all children! And whether you are a diehard yogi, someone who has practiced a few times, or someone who has never done a yoga pose in your life, you can practice yoga with the children in your life, because yoga doesn’t just happen when you’re on a yoga mat. You can incorporate moments of mindfulness, breath and body awareness and physical postures throughout your whole day!

Katrina Durocher is presenting several “Sharing Yoga with Children” workshops in the L.A. and Ventura counties. Katrina Durocher is a 500 hour registered Yoga Therapist. For the past 11 years Katrina has been sharing Yoga with children in schools such as; all 4 UCLA child development centers, Ventura Montessori,  La Petite Academy, and many others throughout the LA and Ventura counties.  She is the owner of ‘Karuna Kids Yoga’ and GYMZONE. For more information, visit her website.

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Read 9 comments and reply

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