Tiarra Harris Yoga.

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on Oct 29, 2010
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Tiara Harris:

“It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning.”

“An appreciative heart attracts more of what it appreciates.”

“It’s easy to be the person you have always been, it requires no change, no self reflection or self awareness and no growth.”

Photos from Tiara’s site. We’ve left out the super-sexy yoga photos, but you can find them at her site if you like. Fair warning: most photos of this fabulous, powerful woman are nude or nude-ish, in case you’re prudish.

Excerpts from interview at Lotus Essence.

Lisa: What’s your favorite type of exercise?

Tiara: Yoga…its so peaceful and relaxing…it’s like meditating and exercising at the same time….and dancing…just turning on my IPOD and seeing Ciara in my head for inspiration and just start moving.

Lisa: Have you ever done any modeling? If so, what kind?

Tiara: I’ve done runway, swimsuit, lingerie, nude…I don’t particularly like stepping into other people’s visions so the modeling industry itself has never been very appealing…the urban industry…wasn’t my thing either….I prefer to do my own thing and I love erotic and nude art modeling, always been my passion…

Lisa: I know we’re talking about your fitness regimen, but your skin looks amazing. Any skincare secrets you’d like to share with us?

Tiara: I keep it really simple….a homemade facial cleanser or castille soap….rosewater toner and a lil oil….apricot or dr sebi salve,something like that….I dont wear alot of make up unless I am shooting and I wear natural and organic products…..mineralfusion is a good line sold at Whole Foods…

Lisa: What do you do to relax and wind down?

Tiara: My life is very stress free….I have alot of free time on my hands so Im generally always in a relaxed mood…never in a hurry to do anything except get to the airport because I take my time at home packing…but I love to take baths…its where I meditate and clear my mind…herbal baths sometimes with dim lights and candles to really set the vibe…I love being in water so the tub is like my second home.

Lisa: What do you do to maintain peace and balance in your life?

Tiara: I live and let live and I focus on being the change I want to see not focus on changing others, don’t take things personal…I allow life to happen…even if I know I am creating it then whatever is happening is to only help me grow stronger as a person….I treat others how I wish to be treated and I am a very aware and conscious person so instead of letting somebody pull me down to a negative level I can pull them up to a positive one if we are going to engage at all..I like being in a pleasant mood so I tend to always look to be back in it if I happen to get out of it…always stay connected to the source of life…

Lisa: Finally, what is your philosophy on the mind, body, spirit connection?

Tiara: To be “wholly” (holy) experience just how magnificent life and love can truly be one must be connected fully…to be disconnected is to be “unwhole” (unholy)…..we are are all mind, body and spirit in this physical world…to disregard or shun a part of the self is to shun a part of the whole and you will be disconnected from the source of who you are and constantly seeking to reconnect not knowing that everything you need to find the “light” is to go within and re member yourself back to a whole state of being.

Read the rest at Lotus Essence, plus more photos.


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