Book review: The ABCs of Yoga for Kids (Teresa Anne Power)

Via Todd Mayville
on Nov 11, 2010
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This book is a delightful and fun introduction to the world of yoga. Each letter of the alphabet is represented, many with two or three poses. The illustrations help to show the traditional poses being described in a kid-friendly, fun, and relatable way.

The book is equally appealing for both boys and girls, and as a teacher, I can see where this book would be just as perfect on the classroom shelf as it would be on the family bookshelf.

From Stafford House Books and available from your local, independent bookseller. (Shop local, shop independent, and tell ‘em you saw it on Elephant Journal!)


About Todd Mayville

Todd is a single dad of four diverse and lively kids, and is an English teacher and climbing team coach at a local public high school. A rock climber, cyclist and avid reader, Todd also practices yoga and meditation as often as he possibly can, which helps him stay at least a little centered and sane.


One Response to “Book review: The ABCs of Yoga for Kids (Teresa Anne Power)”

  1. Bob Weisenberg says:

    Looks interesting. Reader interested in Yoga for kids will also be interested in Yoga for Kids–Donna Freeman’s Indispensible New Book. Looks like they might be a good pair!

    I just started doing Yoga with my three year old granddaughter. She loved it. You should have seen her trying to do Eagle pose! (To reassure everyone, I didn't suggest that she do it. I was just showing her some stuff and she couldn't resist.)

    Thanks for telling us about this book.

    Bob W.