Plastic State of Mind Rap Video.

Via Anna Brones
on Nov 17, 2010
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Plastic bags suck. Plastic pollution sucks. We’re so inundated with information on the negative aspects of plastic, that it all can be overwhelming. But then cities like Los Angeles go and pass a plastic bag ban, and we get a renewed sense of motivation to get out and work on decreasing the consumption of single use plastics.

Helpful in that motivation are great viral videos, and you probably wouldn’t put plastic bags and rap videos together, but this new anti-single use plastic bag video does just that. The results are pretty great.

But what I really want to see is a group like Improv Everywhere actually perform this song in real life in a grocery store, Glee-style. Anybody game?

Props to New Message Media for the video.


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Anna Brones is a writer, producer and the author of The Culinary Cyclist. She is also the founder and editor of Foodie Underground.


2 Responses to “Plastic State of Mind Rap Video.”

  1. Linda Allman-Ward says:

    I live in South Australia, about 1 year ago, the government banned single use plastic bags.Everybody got use to taking their green bags shopping. I think its fantastic, and would be good if more governments did this.