What are you waiting for?

Via Allie Bombach
on Nov 11, 2010
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23 Feet’s First Official Trailer.

Last week I spent my last two dimes attending the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s Adventure Filmmakers Workshop.  Today, still miles away from “home” in Salt Lake City, I sit in a coffee shop unconcerned about how to pay for a 200 dollar ticket back to Portland or this months bills.

Before Banff, I probably would have been selling my camera on the streets of Salt Lake City just to make it by this next month. But something has disappeared this last month in my heart and mind.  Yes, the do-anything-to-make-this-work, bull fighting determination was still there, but something was missing.  In the midst of bills piling up, and unable to even afford a “2 buck chuck” for a dinner party, I was sidetracked.  It became more about being able to function normally in society.

Going to Banff may have broke the bank, but it mended my spirt back to its rightful place.

I thought I would have shared this trailer back in September.  Holding me back was my fear that I wouldn’t be able to cover my costs in post production without more sponsorship.  So  I waited… half patiently.  I waited for the moment to be finiancially stable enough to share it.  Much as the weekend warrior waits to be financially stable enough to head out on that big adventure.  We wait for money to do what we love? I sure as hell wasn’t waiting back in June to hit the road.  Things work out, and like Nellyda said in the trailer – If you do what you love, the rest comes.

Film festivals remind me that its not always going to be seamless.  Hearing the stories of experienced filmmakers just “making it work” on the set and in their lives reminded me that sometimes you have to drop the idea of everything working out the way its “supposed to” and embrace why you do what you love.

Thanks for all your support during the adventure Elephant Journal.  You were there with us the whole time.

Capturing footage from the day before in the back of the truck


About Allie Bombach

Living in her restored 1970 Airstream, Allie recently relocated to Portland, Oregon where she works as a freelance videographer and filmmaker for the outdoor industry. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado with a B.A. in Business Marketing with a concentration in videography. A former raft guide and snowboard instructor, Allie found a passion in inspiring others to make the outdoors a part of their lives. Finding inspiration from the power of storytelling, she strives to promote simple living and environmental education. Only finding true peace while in between the lines, she finds “home” while on the road. An avid commuter in love with her bike, Allie is always in search for the next adventure, a good high five, and a hoppy IPA.


6 Responses to “What are you waiting for?”

  1. Randall Smith says:

    I lost this. Thanks for helping me to find it again.

  2. corey says:

    That guy at the 2 minute and 17 second mark said something really profound; "Living simply isn’t [necessarily all that] simple. It’s that you strive for understanding what sacred is and what values are.”

    Thanks for sharing this trailer despite the lack of "the perfect moment" to share it in. Guess this was that moment.

  3. candicegarrett says:

    have you heard of kickstarter.com? My friend recently funded his film using this platform 🙂

  4. Chloe says:

    wow, this makes me want to hit the road and never look back…and all i've seen is the trailer.

  5. ajBombach says:

    I tried to do a kickstarter but didn't quite make the goal. I really like the idea of it and will definitely use it for projects in the future!

  6. ajBombach says:

    Perfect moments… even though I sometimes feel a buck short or a step behind, I always seem to find out later that was for a good reason. ouh life, you're silly. Thanks for watching the trailer corey. That guy is Ron Kauk. He's a legendary climber at Yosemite, makes a killer cup of joe, and makes you want to do things like watch a sunrise in silence. cheers!