“Ask. Tell.” And 15 other funny + not-so-funny Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell images.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 18, 2010
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Sorry pretending to be gay will no longer get military recruiters to stop bothering you.

Good news! You’re able to fight and die for a country that won’t let you get married.



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3 Responses to ““Ask. Tell.” And 15 other funny + not-so-funny Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell images.”

  1. […] above title is not my kind of pull-out quote re yesterday’s historic victory of equality among Americans. Let’s try this one, via …Senator Ron Wyden, of Oregon, who thought he wouldn’t be […]

  2. tamingauthor says:

    I have always been amused by the idea that asking people to keep their sexuality to themselves is discrimination.

    We have become such a sexually exhibitionistic culture that we now consider it a right to get in people's faces regarding our sexual activity, which really is no one's business. Seems a bit narcissistic at best; and more often simply an attempt to offend others.

    I predict we will soon move past this era of gay exhibitionism to a more subdued and mannered style of life. A more cultured and restrained style will become the accepted norm. The crass, in-your-face folks will soon be seen as suffering from a deficit of cool. They will be clearly seen as uncouth and lacking in acceptable manners.

    Then, after their long battle to be recognized for their alternate sexuality, they will be outcast because of a lack of good sense and good taste.

  3. ALD says:

    Because we've never seen a straight couple make out at a bar, hold hands walking down the street, or any number of things that you, apparently, consider "gay exhibitionism", right? And all gay people are definitely out there in regards to their sexuality — there are absolutely no gay people that live a "subdued and mannered style of life", right?

    Stay classy.