Taking the New Year’s Plunge.

Via Ryan van Duzer
on Dec 31, 2010
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Jumping into freezing cold water is not all that fun, it kinda hurts actually, but every year I muster up the courage to freeze off the ol’ cojones.

The Polar Plunge has become a tradition for hundreds of people on New Year’s Day at the Boulder Reservoir…and the registration money goes to a good cause, the Alzheimer’s Association

What better way to shock the hangover out of your system? Don’t forget your Speedo!


About Ryan van Duzer

Ryan Van Duzer is a proud Boulder native, loves sleeping under the stars, and is happiest on a bike. He works as a video journalist and TV host, appearing on Discovery Channel's Out Of the Wild and hosting various series for TravelChannel.com. He also works as a bicycle advocate for People for Bikes and loves inspiring people to get out and ride. If you're ever in Boulder, you can probably find Ryan at the nearest burrito joint. To see Ryan's videos from around the world, visit his Youtube Page.


5 Responses to “Taking the New Year’s Plunge.”

  1. tamingauthor says:

    In 2010 I was struggling. The universe had become twisted and incomprehensible. I could not understand why Elephant readers from Boulder were actually listening to Jon Stewart and to President Obama. Not to mention falling hook, line, and sinker for the propaganda of George "Spooky Evil Dude" Soros. It all made no sense. It defied human and cosmic logic.

    Then I watched this video and everything became crystal clear.

  2. Andrew says:

    Liberals don't even know who George Soros is. He is just the Fox News boogeyman.

    Also, no way in hell I am taking that plunge!

  3. Hey Sue, It's time for turkey day…Call me with the menu planned so I can contribute to the masses Janine and the gang will be attending too.. Can't wait..Luv u Barbi PS you are famous on this internet thing,

  4. balcberry says:

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