The Elixir of Enlightenment.

Via Jennifer Young
on Dec 21, 2010
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Bliss in a bottle.

This summer while I was enjoying a wonderful yoga retreat at Omega Institute, I had the chance to taste this wonderfully, delicious, fresh, energizing and satisfying drink called Tumeric Elixir. When I went to my last class of Kundalini Yoga I saw Gurmukh, an inspiring and beautiful Yogini savoring this delicious drink as she spoke to us about it’s many benefits. Right away in my mind I said to myself  if Gurmukh is drinking it, it must be nothing less than fantastic.

A spa treatment for your body.

The benefitsare immense. From liver detoxification, to skin toning to blood purification to improving memory, this juice is a must try! You will be nourishing your body with tumeric, ginger, lemon, sea salt, cayenne, honey, cardamom and mint. The mix is perfect!

It’s home: NYC.

Check out the many areas you can find this delicious product in New York City. This wonderful drink is madeat Alphabet City in the East Village of downtown Manhattan. Bon appétit!


About Jennifer Young

Jenn is a Hatha Yoga teacher, yoga therapist and founder of her company Yoga Life based in Montreal. She has been practicing Yoga since 2002 and it has become a lifestyle for her, a way of appreciating everything she encounters in her life as an opportunity for learning. Her generosity is reflected in everything she does. Her priorities in life, along with Yoga are her family and friends. They are what create all the love, laughs and life around her and this is where she focuses most of her energy. Jenn has a profound love for nature and life’s simplicities and these two things are strongly reflected in her personality. What she believes we should learn through yoga... Love life everyday, laugh, relax, be authentic, cherish the people you love, be generous, take time to have fun, be responsible, take care of yourself, and most importantly Be An Active Participant In Your Life!


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