The Male Fantasy. {Explicit}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 23, 2010
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Enrique Iglesias’ Inner 12 Year Old.

Are Men 12-year old Boys?

If you watch Enrique Iglesias’s “Ridiculous, Wildly NSFW Music Video for ‘Tonight’ (I’m Fucking You),” you’d sure think so.

Or are such adolescent male fantasies (every woman is perfectly beautiful; the man is handsome and has nothing to do but play cards and hook up; jealousy quickly turns to orgy; girl-on-girl on a speedboat, no less; everyone’s rich) just what sells songs?

Can we grow up? Can I grow up? Will I lust after beautiful women my whole life, or, having met my match, draw close to the eyes of love and, slowing down, reach depths and heights of pleasure and satisfaction that the Tonight I’m Effing You mentality can only…fantasize about?

Don’t Click Unless You Wanna: NSFW.


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7 Responses to “The Male Fantasy. {Explicit}”

  1. Elissa says:

    Well put. Shaking head. That was pretty much porn

  2. Alex Hanifin says:

    Wow, if it is like this now what will it be like in a year from now… 2 years.. 5 years. It will only get more intense.

    Cover your eyes.

  3. Joe Sparks says:

    The entertainment and advertising industry capatilize on men's preoccupation of with sex as a means to sell their prducts.In our society, sexual interest is used to manipulate's men distress rather than to inform them. Perhaps the worst effect is the shame and self-disgust that men are loaded with. They internalize the message that they are to "blame" for their frozen preoccupation with sex. This harms men and women's relationships with each other. Portraying women as "sex objects" have been installed by the distress in the culture to replace the natural response of relaxed affection betwen men and women.

  4. tamingauthor says:

    The Buddhists call this the desire realm. Good to know where you are and what is happening to you. Our karmic past is clouded and obfuscated, leaving us on the wheel.

  5. candicegarrett says:

    oh there is the difference between the 12 year old boy and the man. One is impulsive, the other the lover of beauty and stability. One the lover of titillation, the other a lover of his lover. One loves the ideal, the other finds his love ideal. One a lover of perfection, the other finds his love perfection. One is gratified by the impulsive, the other finds love by being constant and by being loved by the constant.

    20 year olds will always be beautiful, that is their nature. But the man finds the beauty in his companion, in the aging of his companion, in the realization that his companion is his, in no way that any other woman could be, nor he to any other woman.

    You are not faulty Waylon, nor are any other men. They are looking for beauty, that beauty which can only be filled by true understanding, trust and friendship. By a soul mate. You should not settle for anything less.

  6. yogi tobye says:

    Sure, them young ones don't know what they want.

    As Robert Plant once sang (in his later years) "happy to be falling, for the beauty within."

  7. YesuDas says:

    I asked my wife when she thought the continued abbreviation of young women's clothing would end, and she, affecting to speak for the fashion industry, answered, "When they aren't wearing anything–and we can charge them for it!"