Tis the Season to Catch a Cold

Via Heather Lounsbury
on Dec 22, 2010
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How many days have you called in sick this year? How many special occasions have you missed, because you or a family member is sick? Again? The stress of our every day lives taxes the body. Bad food, late nights, little to no sleep, caffeine and sugar addiction, and high stress levels every day would wear out anyone. Chinese medicine and proper nutrition can help you stay healthy & recover quickly from colds and the flu.

A lot of people have weakened immune systems due to the fast paced lifestyle most of us lead. This makes them prone to colds and the flu. Having a lower immunity can also make you prone to being really sick for longer periods, especially when compared to someone who is relatively healthy. It’s rare to just get a case of the sniffles.

Improving one’s immune system, so you don’t get sick is ideal. This process can start immediately and have a long-term impact on one’s health. These modalities are also highly effective for those with HIV/AIDS.

Once a person is sick, the sooner treatment is administered, the quicker the recovery. Similar treatment protocols are administered with someone who is sick or just starting to come down with something. The types of herbs and points used do change, but daily acupuncture treatments and herbs are essential. The use of Chinese medicine gets rid of an infection without the side effects of antibiotics. Naturally treating an infection doesn’t suppress the contagion, but helps the body heal itself. So the bug doesn’t come right back.

A few, easy preventative measures: Eat lots of garlic, take vitamin C daily, and avoid dairy and sugar (sorry!). These simple steps may help you:

* avoid feeling miserable

* have more energy

* save money

*no more calling in sick (unless you want to)

* avoid side effects of antibiotics

* thoroughly enjoy your holidays

Live natural. Live well.



About Heather Lounsbury

Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac. is an acupuncturist, nutritionist, environmental activist and radio host. One of her goals is to put fast food and greenwashers out of business. She's available for phone consultations. Find her at livenaturallivewell.com.


6 Responses to “Tis the Season to Catch a Cold”

  1. AngelaRaines says:

    Heather, this is so true! I've noticed a definite correlation between too much sugar and getting sick. Thanks for these simple, helpful reminders!

  2. *jj* says:

    Neti daily!

  3. Hi, Heather. Great advice.

    This blog inspired me to dig out one of my very first blogs for Yoga Journal Community over two years ago and repost it here on Elephant: Can Yoga Cure the Common Cold?

    Bob W.
    Elephant Journal

  4. Don says:

    Agreed jj. My two favorite weapons against colds are daily vitamin c and my neti pot. While I don't neti every day, when I wake up and feel the tickle in my nose, neti pot twice daily and no cold. The only times I get a cold now are when I wait too long to flush the sinuses.

  5. Thanks for the great feedback. Yes, I'm a fan of the neti pot!