Top Ten Yoga Blogs of the Week ~ Dec. 27

Via Bob Weisenberg
on Dec 27, 2010
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Top Ten Yoga Blogs of the Week:


10 Horrible Yoga Gift Ideas
by Birdie Greenberg

nasa's picture of a lunar eclipse

Most Epic Solstice Ever?
by Sarah Miller


Yoga, the Manger, and the Grumpy Old Fart
by Scott Robinson

Bhagavad Gita Mitchell

Gita in a Nutshell #6: Gandhi’s Bible or a Call to War?
by Bob Weisenberg

Linda Buzogany headshot (reduced size)

Lucid Dreaming: You Can Fly or Have Sex
by Linda Buzogany

Madonna Does Yoga in Aisle of Stranded Plane
by Birdie Greenberg

Dehli Metro

Sex in the Metro: Delhi
by Devon Ward-Thommes

revolution of the ego cropped

Join the revolution of the Ego
by Yesica Pineda


What the #$*! is Dharma?
Is My Yoga the Same as Your Dharma?

by Ramesh Bjonnes


Ever felt like your yoga teacher just
channeled the exact class you needed?

by Ricardo das Neves


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