Waylon + Kasey cover Leaders Causing Leaders—VIDEO.

Via Kasey Luber
on Dec 2, 2010
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A few weeks ago, Long Beach got a dose of Elephant Journal in the form of Waylon himself!

Waylon and I attended the Leaders Causing Leaders conference, which was a huge inspirational success!

Check out our video highlights as we ask…What is a leader?


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Kasey Luber is vlogging her way to samadhi. Yoga/Kirtan make her happy/happy. www.BigHappyDay.com


3 Responses to “Waylon + Kasey cover Leaders Causing Leaders—VIDEO.”

  1. Hi, Kasey. Really enjoyed this. I hope you'll be giving us more reports on this conference.

    I used to run my own leadership workshops during my days as a software entrepreneur. I used to start my workshops by going around the room and asking people the same question you asked above– "What is a leader?"

    Then after collecting the always diverse answers on a white board, I'd give the group my own answer, and that formed the basis for the rest of the workshop.

    My best ideas on leadership can be found in my paper .

    Bob W.

  2. Tawny says:

    momentarians- i am in! thanks kasey and waylon leaders! xoxoxo

  3. Love it! Thanks Kasey – looks like it was an amazing two days.