WTF?! EPA Says RIP to Bees.

Via Joe Mohr
on Dec 14, 2010
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EPA knowingly OK’s Bayer’s bee-killing pesticide.

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Yep, that’s Bee from the environmental cartoon series Hank D and the Bee. Don’t worry, he’s ok. That’s a cartoon knife.


About Joe Mohr

Joe (aka "Mean Joe Green") is a painter, illustrator, cartoonist, writer (ROBOT+BIKE=KITTEN), beekeeper, father and hubby who enjoys travelling, biking, walking and hiking. Joe’s environmental articles and cartoons can be found on Elephant Journal, Yes! magazine (print and online), Urban Conversion (PBS), The Center for Media and Democracy, Greenpeace, Natural Papa, Eco Child's Play, Ecolutionist, Ecopolitology, PlanetSave, and a few others. He also does an environmental kids cartoon series called “Hank D and the Bee”on NaturalPapa, EcoSnobberySucks, and EcoChildsPlay. Joe is proud to be the #1 individual cartoonist that shows up after Googling "Monsanto cartoon". Visit Joe's cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and Stumble Upon page.


8 Responses to “WTF?! EPA Says RIP to Bees.”

  1. Maria says:

    The plural of bee is bees, not bee's which is possessive.

  2. Joe Mohr says:

    I did that on purpose to try and get comments 🙂

    Thanks Maria!

  3. Valerie says:

    Bayer's gonna be sorry when the bees all die and the corn stops reproducing. Yup, real sorry…

  4. Jessie says:

    And, Joe, great illustration!

  5. Jessie says:

    Oh, and Maria, you're right on the plural. I was speaking to the possessive. Okay, I'm done! 🙂

  6. Jim says:

    Corn is a wind-pollinated plant, and the pesticide at issue has yet to even be detected in thousands of pollen and nectar samples looked at as a part of the investigation of the actual problems bees face, which are the invasive pests and diseases brought over by unregulated "free trade".

    So, if you want a villain, look at the companies that exported our jobs, and imports goods.

    But Bayer? EPA? Working very hard to make new pesticides that are less toxic than the old organophosphates, which are terrible for bees, and even worse for humans. Are they perfect? No. Is the memo a "scandal"? Maybe, but even still, new pesticides are less toxic to humans and bees than the old ones they replace, often by a factor of 10.

  7. Joe Mohr says:

    Thanks Jessie!

  8. BeeC says:

    If you would like to take action go to the Pesticide Action Network North America website and submit a petition requesting the EPA put a stop to the use of clothianidin until appropriate studies can demonstrate unequivocally that this chemical is not causing problems for honey bees – just one species of important pollinator. These studies should have been done prior to registration – period.