January 3, 2011

Astrology of 2011 and Solar Eclipse, Part 1 by VerDarLuz

Astrology of 2011 and Solar Eclipse, Part 1

by VerDarLuz


2011 promises to be a very active year with strong surges of change and evolutionary potential, due to Jupiter’s inspiring acceleration through Aries, and the year’s FOUR Solar Eclipses, two more than the normal amount.  We’ve only had this many solar eclipses in a year  times since 1917.  The year begins with the Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, January 4th, at 13 Capricorn.  An eclipse is like a Super New Moon, a major seed-planting, with its effects lasting for a minimum of six months out. The eclipse’s major aspect is a square to Saturn, ruler of Capricorn.  This emphasizes the general theme for this eclipse about our dedications to our career, the integrity of our reputations, the ability to act decisively and maturely, and the necessity of to be held accountable for our actions.  In your personal chart, find what house 13 Capricorn falls in, and set major intentions in this realm which you hope to see manifested six months from now.   If you would like to see which other eclipses may affect you strongly this year, look to those planetary intelligences in your chart conjunct or opposite the following degrees.

Solar Eclipse: 4 Jan – 13 Capricorn
Solar Eclipse: 1 Jun 2011  – 11 Gemini

Lunar Eclipse: 15 Jun 2011 – 24 Sagittarius

Solar Eclipse: 1 Jul 2011 – 09 Cancer

Solar Eclipse: 25 Nov 2011 – 02 Sag

Lunar Eclipse: 10 Dec 2011 – 18 Gem

The Nodes of the Moon, the forces behind the eclipses, are the major significators of collective karma, and evolutionary imperatives.  This year they shift from Cancer-Capricorn, where the focus has been on building secure foundations, a trusted sense of ‘family,’ and revelations about systems of governance, banking, and corporations. With the Nodes and eclipses now entering Gemini and Sagittarius, our information distribution and absorption, and education itself is shifting at exponential rates. 2010 was the year of the EReader, with Kindles and IPADs selling like crazy for Christmas, Barnes and Noble’s Nook now displaying color and their website selling more ebooks than hard copies, and the widespread dissemination of information through channels such as GoogleReader.   How will education and parenting shift now with children learning much more quickly, streamlined, and in non-linear formats through multimedia devices like the IPAD?  Are the classrooms antiquated models of teaching?  The Gemini-Sagittarian Nodes/Eclipses may compel many teachers and parents to seek out more individual mentoring, alternative education, and archetypal awareness through means such as astrology in order to appropriately educate their children.

Because this year’s eclipses fall mostly in the Gemini and Sagittarius axis, we know that Mercury retrogrades will play a bigger role in our collective evolution.  They may also be a bit more irritating, so planning for them, especially regarding our travels, is essential.  Just look to the holidays’ crazy weather delays––with crazy rainstorm floods in California and snowstorms for the possible effects of Mercury retrograde in the two signs of travel.

Whereas all the Mercury retrogrades in 2010 were in Earth signs, all of the Mercury retrogrades in 2011 are in fire signs, which inspires us to apply the passionate energy, spiritual enthusiasm, and innovative, creative spark to all of our activities.

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2011:

Mercury turns retrograde March 30 at 24 Aries
Mercury turns direct April 23 at 12 Aries

Mercury turns retrograde August 3 at 1 Virgo
Mercury turns direct August 26 at 18 Leo

Mercury turns retrograde Nov. 24 at 20 Sagittarius
Mercury turns direct Dec. 14 at 3 Sagittarius


In 2010 and through January of 2011, Jupiter and Uranus have been conjunct, amplifying the urges towards an entirely new level of consciousness.  Each of us has been called to innovate ourselves, to breakthrough and activate our unique genius, even amidst the omnidirectional confusions and chaotic projections of Pisces.

In 2011, both Uranus and Jupiter move out of the watery dreamscapes of Pisces and into action-hungry Aries.  Jupiter flies through Aries in just five months, beginning January 23rd, inviting us to take bold leaps into new projects.  Some may be called to travel to facilitate personal growth or to invigorate those fantasies of our previous Piscean imagination with the passion and daring spirit of Aries.  Burnout and overwhelm may be one of the challenges highlighted by the Pluto square the last weeks of February, into early March.  Jupiter’s accelerated flames will explode the Plutonian urge to transform, catalytically thrusting each of us forward.  April singes us with 7 planets in Aries, including Uranus, for the first time in 84 years.  Excitement, aggression, risk, and reaction dominate as we feel within ourselves and see the world reflecting an over-the-top, all-or-nothing attitude, hinting at the extreme, revolutionary tensions of the extended Uranus in Aries–Pluto in Capricorn square of mid 2011-2015, which I will discuss in next week’s Part 2.  This may be a collective shamanic moment––an encounter with a power, ferocity, and mystery forcing us to unite our empowered Aries will with strategy and dedication.

Aries Sun signs will be thrust forward into opportunities for leadership and adventure.  Whatever planets we have in Aries are asked to fearlessly seize the day, thrust into their most inspired expressions.

Riding the heels of the Jupiter-Pluto square is the Saturn-Jupiter opposition – Between March and April, a battle ensues between the conservative judge of Saturn in Libra and the fearless daredevil Jupiter in Aries.  Jupiter in Aries compels us to spread our wings and soar beyond our previous limitations.    No more are we dreaming the next phase of evolution, as we did with Jupiter in Pisces.  Instead, we must put our ideas into action.

Our urges for freedom, change, and autonomy may dominate under this transit, but will serve a higher cause if aligned with the visions of others.  Thus, this combo’s fiery optimism must also include a rational and coherent plan and a dedicated support system––themes emphasized by Saturn’s opposition in Libra.  During the March and April conjunction, we have a strong opportunity to manifest our visions through our Libran ability to anchor our goals with our teammates, intimates, and partners.  We may find ourselves vacillating between our urges for superhuman capabilities and melancholic awareness of the confining laws of space and time.  We are asked to not hurl Zeus’ thunderbolt of ambitious spirt in just any direction.  But rather, to consider carefully that which deserves our energy and experimentation.

Jupiter, planet of faith, inspiration, and expanding horizons makes many helpful trines and sextiles once he enters the calm and stabilizing Taurus June 5th, which should help us get more practical and realistic with our projects after all the fervent energy of the winter and spring Jupiter ransits.

One of the greatest tools I’ve found for this visionary activation is a timemapping strategy i’ve been practicing for a number of years.  In this technique, which I offer as a special reading to clients, we harmonize with the Sun and Moon’s transits through our personal horoscope to discover how best to flow with our personal rhythms.  This will be the topic of February’s webinar workshops, most likely occurring the 8th and 15th.  Stay tuned.

Saturn transit Pluto in Libra generation

From September 2010 through September 2012, every member of the Pluto in Libra generation (born 1970-1984) is experiencing the raw, tooth-and-nail transit of Saturn on their Pluto.  Saturn forces the layers of the unconscious to the surface, revealing wounds, traumas, depths, and evolutionary potential––especially in the realm of relating, the great alchemical work of this generation.

If you’re a member of the Pluto in Libra generation or would like to learn more about this generation and transit, as well as relationship astrology, visit this page on my blog: http://soulalchemyastrology.com/?cat=46

The U.S. Saturn Return

On a national level, the U.S. is experiencing its Saturn return, which occurs every 30 years.  Saturn return requires a country to deeply contemplate the consequences of its choices, how the country define itself in the world, and how to limit growth in order to concentrate efforts.  Saturn, force of conservative pressure, set down his agenda in the results of the mid-term elections of November, with the highest GOP presence elected to the House ever.  We will likely watch the continued rise of conservative movements through 2011 politically, while individuals continue to innovate with exciting ideas about sustainable local communities.  The rift between big government and local community needs will likely increase. Although the media may tell us one story, growth and expansion economically during a country’s Saturn return is unlikely, especially in the case of the U.S., getting pounded by Pluto, lord of death, transformation, and regeneration throughout the decade ahead.  Each one of us, now, is building a new image of this country, and that image looks like your neighbor next door.

Happy 2011!!  Look forward to sharing with you all next week and enjoy the recent interview online with Adam Sommer.  Blessings.

About the Author: VerDarLuz (which in Spanish means SeeGiveLight) is a young astrologer with a solid knowledge of his craft and a innate talent to interpret the cosmos relation to human behaviour and spirituality. Currently you can find his work when you buy his book

Codex of the Soul:
Astrology as a Spiritual

which we hope to review here in Elephant soon. You can find more information at soulalchemyastrology.com

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