Douchebags always win:

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 29, 2011
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Money Talks—but it still doesn’t buy much Happiness.

Via Whoa:

I always root for the villains…
(but somehow the douchebags always win)

Only if we let them. Let’s establish power the way Jon Stewart or Colbert has done, by making fun of douchebags (and ourselves) (and our bosses if we’re unlucky enough to work for The Man). Let’s use Facebook, instead of merely getting used by it. Let’s change the world for the better and have a good time doing so. Le’ts let go of the us vs. them mentality and remember the simple joys of watching an ant on a blade of grass when we were children thinking of nothing but how much longer will it be light and I can play with my friend. Let’s do the hard work and pay our bills and when we hate and yell at those we love remember that this is God’s way of telling us to remember to be humble and to remember that yelling leads to wars and that the bad guys started out being insecure and greedy and frustrated and yelling at loved ones, just like us.

Let’s put our computer to sleep and walk outside right now and take a deep breath of air.


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5 Responses to “Douchebags always win:”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Waylon Lewis, Waylon Lewis. Waylon Lewis said: RT @elephantjournal: Douchebags always win? Eff that: { Julian Assange of Wikileaks v. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. […]

  2. I think the key difference here is the Assange deals in information which is stolen while Zuckerberg and Facebook deal in information which is freely given.

  3. neen says:

    gosh where is the journalistic integrity in this article. Get a more balanced perspective on people like assange. Why are people so ready to blame assange for selling ‘secrets’ when people aren’t questioning the need for them in the first place. If we were able to live in a world where politicians acted with integrity then assange would not be an issue. Dont shoot the messenger – question why it;s acceptable for the us govt to intervene around the world where they don’t add value to society.

  4. OLA says:

    "Freely" or "unknowingly?"

  5. Unknowingly only if they don't read the terms of service.