January 25, 2011

Edward R. Murrow vs. Jimmy Fallon’s Models with Buckets.

This instrument [T.V.] can teach, inform, and even enlighten. But only as far as humans are willing to use it to those ends. ~ Edward R. Murrow

I couldn’t help thinking of this seminal quote by seminal journalist and pioneer or radio and television, Edward R. Murrow, after running across the below videos. I’m all for fun, but the expense…and the few laughs…and the models posing like peacocks on their stilettors…the stages set up for just one day, only to be trashed…then the throwing of wedding cake when poor Americans everywhere can’t even put food on the table, or stay in their homes…can’t the networks think of something better to do with their money? I like Jimmy, but these vids seem…


Not just a one-time waste:

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Read 1 comment and reply

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