January 21, 2011

God Loves Ice Cream~ January 21st.

It is so easy to get tangled up in ideas, philosophies, and ideologies… And forget to breathe!

Some say The Son of God was born a virgin birth and died on the cross for our sins. Others protest that this suspends the laws of causality and reason. There are also those who believe that we are born, grow old, and die… Then repeat process. Then there are those who believe that death is the final curtain call.

Everybody believes something.

Belief which is not preceded by direct experience is nothing but a series of words! Words are lifeless, unless they point at truth.

The truly religious person isn’t concerned with words, but faith. That is the direct experience which precedes belief! Simply, the present moment.

In the words of Pamela August Russell:

Nietzsche And The Ice-Cream Truck

“God is dead.

But this atomic

berry blast Popsicle

is heavenly.”

~from “B Is For Bad Poetry” by Pamela August Russell.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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