“I don’t believe that a creature crawled out of the sea and became a human.” ~ a Congressman.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 29, 2011
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God or Evolution? You don’t have to choose.

One of our nation’s leaders just argued against evolution on Bill Maher’s show:


Long story short: Maher got the answer we imagine he hoped Kingston would give him in hopes he could make him look scientifically illiterate: the congressman indeed doesn’t believe in evolution. Campbell and Cain brought the discussion back on topic until Maher brought up evolution again…and this time, Campbell couldn’t resist chiming in, pointing out that microbes developing resistance to antibiotics is an example of an evolutionary process in action. Even Cain eventually admitted he wasn’t on Kingston’s side in the evolution debate, though Kingston did have one unlikely ally.


From my new favorite lady, Evolution: Evidence & Gaps. I could listen to her all day, and would go with Creationism if she chose to lead me astray:




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7 Responses to ““I don’t believe that a creature crawled out of the sea and became a human.” ~ a Congressman.”

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  2. TamingAuthor says:

    Yeah. She's really a good spokesperson. Not.

    The poor level of scientific inquiry today is astounding.

    Intelligent Design is proven, over and over, every day, in the labs of major biotech companies. An intelligent being, a conscious being, a scientist, intentionally changes the genetic make up of biological organisms.

    We can observe this and we can verify it. We can repeat it. Proven. Done deal.

  3. Padma Kadag says:

    I find the evolution theory interesting in that it is still, scientifically speaking, a "Theory". Yet, this theory is attacked and supported with such vigor. Isn't it interesting that none of the world's religions ascribe to Evolution? There is nothing in the Yogic scriptures nor Buddhist cosmology nor Native American Prophecy or cosmology which even hints at Evolution as we argue it. There are "Eras" or "First World, Second World, etc", there are also realms to which one may be reborn but there is no mention of Evolution. One may say that Buddhists have the concept of Bhumi but be assured that Bhumi is a concept and nothing more…and one does not need to progress along the levels of Bhumi sequentially. Conceptually they may jump ahead or skip the hole darn thing.

  4. Padma Kadag says:

    Recently western "spiritualists" and scholars have used a concept of their own making by refering to their spirituality as "evolving". This is extremely interesting to me. Though these same spiritualists allegedly are practicing under the guise of an Eastern faith they describe their journey as "evolving". This is supposed to mean, as in Darwin's theory, that they are evolving or getting "better", more refined. This is, it seems to me, a very large joke played by the Ego.

  5. I saw that and could hardly believe those words came out of his mouth! And the whole convo about climate change. Really!

  6. Its a shame that now even science is considered liberal and therefore unsupportable by the right.

  7. yogi tobye says:

    video no longer available due to "copyright"