Measuring Happiness Instead of Money

Via Alden Wicker
on Jan 18, 2011
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Buddha would agree with the man in this video.

~ Robert F. Kennedy, on the all powerful GDP

If you haven’t watched a TED talk, I suggest you start. These people who get up on stage, speak, and then let the videos be distributed for free, are the smartest, most inspirational people you could ever have the pleasure and honor of listening to. They speak on topics ranging from Aids in Africa, to art, to Legos for Grownups, and every single speech is golden.

This video on the shortcomings of the GDP isn’t brand new, but I’m catching up on my podcast list and I just watched it. When it was done, my first thought was to write Obama and tell him to go visit Bhutan, like, right now.

Watch as he explains how American could be radically different, if we just changed how we thought about our economy and happiness.


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