Michael Bolton Yoga.

Via elephant journal
on Jan 19, 2011
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Bryan Kest shirtless in denim cutoffs, with flowing Tarzan locks. Seriously? Seriously.

Okay, so it’s Bryan Kest—but this thing is too funny/painful to bear.

Heard word of this video via our recent Yasshole article re Bryan Kest…and the following comment re the below videos:

Love that 80s-ish DVD (filmed in 94 or so though I think) where he’s teaching in denim cutoffs–not to mention the Michael Bolton hair, which Jai Uttal rocked back then too…


(there’s plenty more where that one came from)


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15 Responses to “Michael Bolton Yoga.”

  1. Bobby says:

    Hilarious. This dude will be famous, if he isn’t already. People need this stuff to help them feel their practice of yoga is “off the wall” or “edgy-cool.” what they don’t realize is how boring and square this actually is.

  2. Yogini3 says:

    Michael Bolton or Kenny G. Their music is old now, but it brings back memories … so which is square: the era, the music or the practice of yoga .. ? If it's all 3 I see your point.

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  4. monkeywithglasses says:

    Cutoff thermals under cutoff jeans, with accompanying elbow bracelet. Oh my!

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  6. Monique says:

    Thank God someone noticed this! I just happen to have recently gotten the DVDs from Amazon, and they are hee-larious. My personal fave is in the very beginning, where there are several slo-mo shots of him making bedroom drishti at the camera. The practices are great, but I bet he's been holding his breath and praying these wouldn't be rediscovered. Maybe the universe is sending him some humility:)

  7. Waylon Lewis says:

    GHghhhAHAHAHA bedroom drishti…might have to blog that first one, now! ~ W.

  8. kathie says:

    Yes, they are old, but great yoga. I practiced with him for 12 years. He is nothing like he appears to be. He is so humble and I give him crap about his thermal cut offs and flowing hair! He is a proud Dad and husband now. These videos are around 1994 I think!
    Take class with him now, great yoga, different approach, but still a sarcastic Detroit guy, I love!

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  10. mark kreloff says:

    so good!

  11. […] the mega-industry that it is today. Long before Baron Baptiste and Sean Corn became pop-yoga stars, Bryan Kest was teaching something called Power Yoga on a donation-only basis in Santa Monica above a Radio […]

  12. Airrunner3 says:

    kathie is so correct. he is very humble and teaches one of the best yoga classes in the country, maybe the world!